Hello video is about my hair oiling routine that I do it regularly to relax and feel fresh. This oiling also helps in nourishing the scalp and for good hair Uses of Olive Oil *Olive [More]
Whatever it’s from, stretch marks and scars are not our favorite sight. Here are some self massage techniques and tips to re-hydrate your tissue and help to minimize the sight scar tissue forms! Unfortunately we [More]
Good night you beautiful tingle monster! I know you’re looking for this, so here is a long hair coconut oil treatment, hair stroking, hair oiling, scalp oiling, scalp massage, head massage, hair massage, scalp scratching, [More]
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Temptbycazbe products oil free time for a foot rub here is how to get rid of uti at home naturally. Apply this mixture to the white patches and affected skin areas. Coconut oil has rub [More]
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Forehead Massage! Massage away wrinkles and tone up the skin. Look years younger. Anti aging.
Home remedies for grey hair the fit indian . , . . . . Top home remedies to prevent grey hair best natural remedies to fight premature hair greying. The main curry leaves and coconut [More]
How to apply or massage coconut oil on hair This video shows you how to apply or massage coconut oil on hair by Nain’s health kitchen Ingredients Coconut oil Few curry leaves Some fenugreek seed [More]
Merry Christmas 🙂 I’m very excited about my new 3Dio. Bella ASMR is not over, I just haven’t had the greatest setting to record ASMR videos, only this year I have moved 4 times already [More]