Coconut oil is good for your hair shaft inside and out! that makes it a much better using coconut wonderful natural way to make skin soft, radiant, the healthier can help grow faster when you [More]
πŸ’πŸ½Yep you read right. The AVERAGE amount of hair growth per year is 6 inches….This is how I GROW MY HAIR OVER 12 inches… pretty much DOUBLING the growth!! Of course results vary from person [More]
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Egg yolk for hair benefits, how to use enkivillage . , . . . . Egg yolk for hair is a cheap and simple way to moisturize, condition, and strengthen drying of the scalp, improving [More]
CLICK THE LINK - Neem Oil- Coconut Oil- Emu Oil- Lavendar Oil- home remedies How To Grow Your Hair Fast|Long|Naturally And Hair Treatment Oils
Hi everyone!! This video is about eyelashes πŸ™‚ Who doesn’t like thick, full and long eyelashes?? With regular use of make up and ofcourse age we tend to lose a lot of our hair but [More]
I have been using Coconut Oil on my hair for years. I tried it today and it did not do well at all. This is my experience with it today! Thank you guys for watching! [More]