A funny video, produced by YouTuber James Ware, featuring him trying out a new beauty regime – recently reported in the British press – which involves smearing your skin with your own urine. The footage, [More]
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Channel Healthy Lifestyle TV: https://goo.gl/NNB8MT – Playlist of Healthy Lifestyle TV: HOW TO WASH YOUR FACE AND SAY GOODBYE TO SAGGING FACIAL SKIN AND WRINKLES Usually, women resort to expensive treatments or store-bought products to [More]
Made with natural, ethically sourced Coconut Oil and exotic Tahitian Monoi Oil.
Hi everyone i’m just sharing a tip about how witch hazel helps my skin stay clear…THIS WORKS FOR ME,and if you are allergic to anything that is in this product DO NOT USE…I use it [More]
Help for skin care the acne 9 simple ways to use aloe vera rapid home remedies. And aloe vera plant as a scrub. Acne members rated aloe vera plant gel an average of 4. Diy [More]
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