Not since the TV show Jackass has there been such needlessly cringe-worthy stunting as this “full body blackhead peel off mask challenge,” which honestly seems more masochistic than beautifying. Vlogger Nicole Sykes tried the challenge [More]
Kim Kardashian is proud to have reached her goal weight of 120 lbs, and the mother of two was spotted with her kids in a bikini on a beach in Mexico.
this recipe is present by DR.Umme Raheel(naturopathist) this homemade bleach will give you like market bleach. it will not harm your skin, rather it gives you bright fairer skin, it bleach hairs also. this is [More]
I show you how to make Whipped Body Butter, that actually feels like whipped cream! It’s all natural, super moisturizing, and great for fading and preventing stretch marks. You save money when you make your [More]
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Imogen Thomas shows off the results of her healthy eating and exercise regime in an underwear Twitter selfie.