Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah Selleck walks the red carpet at the American Ballet Theatre’s Annual Holiday Benefit Dinner And Performance held at The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, California USA on December 11, 2017 [More]
In recent weeks, Kim Kardashian has had beautiful bleached hair. Fans love it, but they loved her new holiday inspired bold icy blue hair. According to, “On Christmas Eve, the soon-to-be mom-of-three showed up [More]
It turns out that returning to the Millennium Falcon was as emotional an experience for Mark Hamill as it was for Luke Skywalker.
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Mark Millar, the comic book writer arguably best known for writing Marvel’s Civil War event, had high praise for Spider-Man: Homecoming.Millar called it one of, if not the, best films Marvel has made.In a tweet, [More]
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Sam Smith was interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker for V Magazine and spoke openly about being so miserable with his weight prior to his 50 pounds weight loss.