Disney has managed once again to alienate one of the largest subsets of its target audience: women. According to Uproxx, disney will put out seven feature films this year, none of which were written or [More]
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Mark Hamill is “devastated” over the loss of Carrie Fisher. The actor, who played Luke Skywalker opposite Fisher as Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, was among the first cast members to comment on [More]
Extra virgin coconut oil (they’re the same thing), preferably organic and sold here are many benefits of to your overall health. 20 coconut oil benefits (#5 is life saving) dr11 surprising benefits of coconut oil [More]
Are we sure Tomi Lahren is actually benefiting from ObamaCare? The conservative advocate is getting criticized by fans after admitting that she’s still on her parent’s healthcare plan, because she’s 24 years old… And some [More]
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