How I Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnacy |BABY #2

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How i prevent stretch marks during pregnancy!

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#JT Volg says:

Are you thai

Dacia Fernandez says:

People who make these tutorials please stop putting your kids in it or talking about unnecessary things that are not pertaining to the subject at hand no one cares just get straight to the point thats all we want to see! Ugh

Jessica Hull says:

Good luck on Lucas' first day of school. My son just started preschool last week and it was hard at first but he loves it now and I surprisingly enjoy my me time (even if it is just 3 hours).

Davina Necklie says:

I love this oil! I highly recommend ArganRain Argan Oil. I'm 38 weeks and no stretch marks!

CoCoNut !! says:

🙌 Yay! Lukey gets to go to school he seems so excited! Love yr gifts from Giovanna she is the sweetest n so funny I❤her vids too!💕👍

Giovanna Franco says:

Agh I hate seeing little ones go to school for the first time I always cry like a baby 😭 Also; you are so good about taking care of your belly I hope I can be as committed like that one day lol 🤓
Awww I'm so happy you guys liked everything ☺️ I'm so happy I was able to see lukey's reaction haha ❤️

Ashli Resendez says:

I knew it was her before you said her name!! She's been commenting and subbed from the beginning. So sweet of her.

Ashli Resendez says:

You should do a get ready with me from
the morning like shower routine face skin care and ya know lol

rosannebent says:

Lucas going to school 😭. They do nonstop activities in preschool. I bet he will love it. A subbie gift!! So sweet❤️❤️❤️

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