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WEEK 36 UPDATE – https://youtu.be/wYhc0VLWtWk
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We are family vloggers from the UK who are getting ready to become first time parents. We’ll be daily vlogging each step of this journey from scans, to decorating the nursery to our little baby being born. Enjoy!
Ebony x


Destiny Mond says:

argan life pure argan oil is great for people with stretch mark issues. There is a noticeable difference in the areas where I have stretch marks. I would most definitely recommend!!

Justyce M says:

"and when i say a little… I mean a lottle" so funny, im gonna use that!

Madison Daily says:

streach marks are often sexy.

Cerys-Mair Griffiths says:

Ah, if she'd been born last Wednesday we would have shared our birthdays. Good luck to you; hopefully everything is smooth sailing. 🙂

nicolajaynee1992 says:

A sweep honestly ain’t that bad it just feels uncomfortable I had 2 and none of them worked I went a week over due and I had to be induced in the end

Dylan Sousa says:

bump update video are great

captain america says:

Gosh are you not ready to pop

Believe says:

Why didn't I see this in my subscription box????

Shannon Wuke says:

The amount of times you made me giggle through this video.."they've grown so much, they're as big as my weekly tesco shop!" It made my evening. She will make her appearance soon enough, and she will change your world so much. She will be so beautiful, she will be precious and everything you ever wished for. Good luck and i can't wait to see the joy.

hayley roffey says:

i had 2 with my 1st one of them the woman was not nice he was 10 days late with day and half of contractions with my 2rd she tryed but he was 2 high and i had contractions for 3 days he was 8 days late

Charlotte Worth says:

what’s a sweep?

Rachael Cravens says:

a sweep is uncomfortable but not terrible. the contractions afterwards are very strong tho

mia Nicolaou says:

Can't wait x

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