How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Using The Fascia Blaster!

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Hello hello hello everyone! I am SO excited to be sharing this post with you today! I have been wanting to talk about the subject for the past 2-3 weeks but have kept my mouth shut because I wanted to do a thorough trial with the product and make sure I am as much as I could before telling you all about it! Well after using it now for a few weeks, and doing tons of research on the product, and answering all of my own questions about it I am so excited to share with you HOW TO GET RID OF CELLULITE!!!

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Ashley Taylor says:

how long do you do the blasting? how many minutes per each zone?

Robin Perlstein says:

Hey Karlie, loved your video. Yes, knowledge is power!  I love my FasciaBlasters, I have them all, and can't see ever stopping. Blasting really makes me feel good, so it's so much more than getting rid of cellulite. Glad it helped you too!

Butterfly 12 says:

Keep up the good work! Great video and very productive. Gonna blast now…

herusername1904 says:

Hello Karlie, are you still using this tool and seeing good results? I purchased the Mini 2 as well, but i'm a bit scared to start using it, because of all the negative opinions online 🙁  xx

Danielle Rains says:

Guess you didn't do any research. You have quoted Ashley. She has no license at all. This is something she made up. Also you should check out the FDA reports and also BBB she has the worst rating. There are groups out there of women that claim to have been harmed. They have had weight gain, hormones changes etc. Read her new terms and conditions. USE AT YOU OWN RISK

Cata C says:

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