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Here’s my video on *Everything* you need to know about Gymshark’s New Energy Seamless!

✨ Reload this video on Monday when you’re ready to shop! ✨

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This review is not sponsored and is 100% my own honest opinions.

I’m size XS in EVERYTHING mentioned in the video 🙂 My measurements are 33” 23” 36” and I’m a true to size XS or US 2 / UK 6.

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Jessica S says:

I can't wait to purchase the black and purple wash seamless!!! Your review was the best!! Thanks!! You look amazing in every color:) I would love to see a video in which you style the new seamless pieces with the other collections such as flex, cropped hoodies, etc. I bet the seamless cropped vests/bra would look great with flex leggings. Thank You and Happy New Year!

Morgan Elisabeth says:

Thanks for the review Robin, very helpful! I love the beet color 😍😍😍 but am I the only one that isn’t a fan of the eyelet detail on the thigh and ankle? I would love to see a seamless that didn’t have this design, it kind of cuts off the leg in my opinion

Mwadjuma Mukamfizi says:

Hi!!!so helpful what size of the sport bras are you wearing in this seemless

Kristin Garner says:

Will the other stuff be restocked?

Mansi Kallepalli says:

Omg love these videos you're so gorgeous. Happy New Years!

Heather Castro says:

Excellent video thank you so much!! Super helpful for shopping tomorrow!! These will be my first Gymshark Leggings purchase, I only have a few tops so far. If I’m normally a M in most leggings do you recommend going up to a L or sticking with M for more compression? Thanks!❤️

Ary Carys says:

Do you recommend sizing up in the bras as well? 🙂

Brigitte Bouchard says:

Thanks for the review Robin. Super helpful 🙂

Lissette Roman says:

I loved how you covered everything! even stuff I wasn’t worried about lol! thank you for this girly! happy holidays! <3 I just subbed to you, love your attitude already!

Coach Sara says:

Thank you for being so honest! Appreciate it ☺️

jack harrington says:

Hope your 2018 is awesome robin your so pretty and cute in these gymshrack clothes 💋💖🍑😘. I love being a part of your channel robin its a joy to watch your videos 💖💋🍑💪😍💋.

Rocky Applebee says:

LOVE that you do cellulite tests! Thank you for that! Also, this is so informative and well put together, thank you! x

josee gagnon says:

Thank you so much for this video! ☺️

raghad hamza says:

Queen 👸🏼

Stephy [: says:

Thank you Robin for making this video! I'm super excited for the collection!! Who else is going to try and grab some items from this collection!

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