Applying Fractionated Coconut Oil to my Hair !

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Hi ! I applied fractionated coconut oil on week 3 of the Hair Growth Challenge 2017 (Friday, November 3rd).

Fractionated coconut oil contains capric and caprylic triglycedrides which penetrate the hair fiber.

This video is part of the Natural Hair Growth Challenge 2017:


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Written version of the video:

This video was filmed during the 3rd week of the Hair Growth Challenge 2017, on Friday, the 3rd of November.

As you saw in my previous videos, I removed my twists and I shampooed my hair on Tuesday the 31st of October.

Here, I still have the twists from my last hair wash. I just unraveled the two twists in the front to do a ponytail.

I applied some fractionated coconut oil quickly on the twists but I did not apply the oil all over my hair because, as you can see, I kept my big twists.

For the 3rd week of the Challenge, I did not apply flaxseed gel, I just shampooed my hair, put some conditioner to finger detangle it, then rinsed out the conditioner.

The smell of the conditioner is still in my hair.
So I’m showing you here what state my hair is in.

In this video, I’m going to apply fractionated coconut oil everywhere on my hair…

I’m finished applying the oil. I kept my big twists to be more organized so that all my strands can benefit from the oil, but my hair will not stay like this.

Now, my hair is very well protected and lubricated with the oil.

Then you can let your hair like this and go to sleep or do directly a protective style ! 😉

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My name is Audrey and I’m a French Youtuber from Guadeloupe (French Caribbean) and I currently live in Sweden. I make Youtube videos in English and French about hair and lifestyle. Make sure to share my videos if you like them. 😍


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Sameera salah says:

Thank you for sharing ❤️❤️😊

Sameera salah says:

Beautiful healthy hair…😍😍🤗❤️that length 😁😁😁😊❤️💞is everything…

doThatGWalk says:

How often do you do this?

GrowWithNiki Gaga says:

Look at all that nice healthy hair

Abiyola Wilson says:

how often do you comb your hair?

MyNaturalMyChoice says:

Beautiful hair!

Nykia Rodriguez says:

luv, luv luv ur very long and healthy hair # hair goals !!


Tfs😍.I was wondering if you would be doing a hair journey video? (I love watching how ppl grew their hair out ) Have u always been natural?

Whisper Shout says:

Have you tried coconut oil that is not fractionated? Is the fractionated one better for your hair?

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