GIRL TALK | Slutshaming and Stretch Marks

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Vlogmas #9

I wanted to just sit down and answer some of the questions you guys had regarding self-love! If I don’t come across quite as bubbly in this video, it’s because I was slightly hungover hehe
Love you guys xx

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Erica says:

Absolutely love your videos — vlogs and sit downs — and love everything you say about body image and about relationships not being about how pretty or cool you are. Amazing video as usual xx 💕

Everlyn Kee says:

I always tell myself that models have to keep their body fit and skinny because it's their job and my body is doing what it needs to so I can do best with MY job. Love your videos. They helped me a lot when I am having down days or when my self esteem inflate like a balloon. Hahah. have a good day, beautiful. xx

Veronika Hollerova says:

What do you think about cellulite?)

Noa Miller says:

I'm all here for you doing this in a face mask every👏🏽single👏🏽time👏🏽

Emma Jorgensen says:

Thank you for these types of videos. I was beginning to dislike myself today, because while grocery shopping I realized I'm not looking like these pretty girls the boys are attracted to (and that's okay). But you made me understand that I haven't met the right one at the right time, and that has nothing with my looks to do. But I still think I can do a few things to make me feel better about myself, like taking care of my body, hair and skin.

Efi Patsidou says:

I love love love your girl talk videos, could you also make a video about "me time"? How to spend time by yourself well and forget about your struggles, or like a "me time" routine 💕

Line Leknesund says:


Nanna Isholm says:

I looovvve those videos you do when your just talking! They are so helpful and I hope that you know how much you help people by talking in these amazing videos!❤️ Btw where are your earrings from , they are gorgeous!

Ieva Vitolina says:

Yes, love the chill vibe!!!

Sherlena says:

yeeeeesss girl i love your hips so much 💕💕💕 and idk I personally think small boobs are super sexy ❤️

Madison Rinehart says:

You are absolutely amazing at talking about this subject. You made me realize how much self love I really need(: thank you xx

Caitlyn Jonsson says:

Maxi you are so beautiful inside and out ❤️

Lucy.cuk says:

I remember noticing loads of stretch marks on the sides of my bum maybe a year or two ago, and being so overwhelmed and insecure; and pretty soon after that you posted a picture of your stretch marks on Instagram and it completely changed my mindset. Now I see them as a little reminder of growth almost like a medal for gaining a little muscle on my bum hahaha! But seriously, thankyou for reassuring 15 year old me two years ago 🌹

Tina Gla says:

love this video!! ❤️❤️

Renata T says:

Just woke up and already watching🤗✨ ( btw I'm also A gemini😌🙋🏽)

Jessica K. says:

I wish everywhere people would be as chill about online bikini pics as in Australia! 😀

Sarah Sophie says:

Obviously my stretch marks are not my fave thing about me but honestly: I am proud of them! I gained and lost weight because of my poor health and medication and I grew tall quite fast as a child. My body does amazing things and my goood. Everyone has flaws and I love my stretchmarks ❤️

Siena Rubio says:

girl love this video! where is your shirt from ?? im gemini ahaha

Russia z says:

All your answers are so insightful!! The ambience of your channel is so positive, open and real. Thank u girl <3

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