REQUESTED ASMR Applying Lotion, Oil Sounds, Hand Movements, Tapping (Whispering)

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I apologize in advance for the background noise! I forgot to turn the radio off in the living room, so I hope you can find the background music relaxing and not too disturbing!

Castor Oil:
Charity Pot Lotion by Lush:

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Michael Bevan says:

Kudos for the Pink Floyd poster 🙂 Really good ASMR, thank you. Subbed.

shaolindreams says:

Hey sexy 😀

SpellCheck.Exe says:

Add a public comment…Ok! ASMR Doll gave me a tingling sensation all over.

SinBeforeGod says:

Shoo… I'd be the same way if I were that oil. 😋

Connor Thompson says:

This is so relaxing! Oil sounds cool with your voice. Hope you make another like this…

Deutz Fahr says:

beautiful asme beautiful girl

Evil Ernie says:

Everyone commenting on her looks, I'm sitting here like "make my brain tingle" lol

Ewerton Cunha says:

The Cops are coming! 25:33

some person says:

Ur so pretty

Nader Nade says:

Do you people really making money in YouTube

Andrew Rios says:

Pharah from overwatch?

D C says:

Wow! Your vocal volume and tone is absolutely consistent and PERFECT! A lot of "ASMR" artists have issues with their vocals. It is usually one or the other (both is rare I think), but you nail it! You earned my sub! I would like to personally wish you all the luck in the world with your channel. I am an atheist but that voice must be heaven sent. Take care!

hail snail says:

First saw the floyd poster…then fell into a deep sleep. So good <3

JG7 says:

PAUSE AT 26:06 Thank me later!!! 😂😂😂

1970harleybike says:

Do it Naked Baby………..

Farouk Chahal says:

Is that Middle Eastern Music or Latin Music in the Background sounds a bit familiar not sure!!

Charlie Simpson says:

Wanna go for a date?

Lorenzo Flores says:

We trying to run a train tho sup?

Kai Michael says:

God you’re perfect

GymLeaderJay says:

Is that a pink floyd poster??

John Hammon says:

Your a 10….out of 11. Yeah, I said it….

Meriah Lewis says:

1. Your makeup is amazing ! 2. You are gorgeous 3. This was a perfect video(yes i know im late lol) new subbie!

The Stupid Unoriginal Username says:

That hair thou

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