Amazon Fascia and Cellulite Blaster Massage Stick Review for Cellulite with The Mental Mom!

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Amazon Fascia and Cellulite Blaster Massage Stick Review for Cellulite with The Mental Mom!

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nico nichole says:

I have the same Cellulite Blaster stick. I noticed that the marks/blemishes diminished tremendously from the cellulite breaking down after I stop rolling it over cellulite area. I just hold it and allow the grooves to rub across my skin; still broke down cellulite. Anyhow best investment b/c the dimples on my gluts are completely gone almost. It's the truth and I didn't even use it daily! Peace & blessings

Cinthia Machado says:

Did this product reduce your cellulite?

Yesenia Ruedas says:

Thanks for your review. I need something similar to AB's blast erupt without the outrageous price lol

mfay says:

Thanks for the review. I might buy this instead of the other fascia blaster. It seems to do its job. I do understand about the dark spots surfacing to the top as stored toxins are being released from the fascia. For some too much at one time can cause a rise in temperature in the body, as the body has to heal its self from the treatment. I was in Malaysia getting this sort for treatment done on me to help with chronic pain, but instead I got hit with bamboo sticks, which showed the same results as this. So I think this product has the similar results without having to deal with pain by getting hit with bambooo. I wonder if can get rid of knots? Only way to find out is to buy and try.

Nancy A says:

hi 😀 did you put up a video after 60 days I can't find it?

Norma Suarez says:

This work very well if you combine it with cupping will get you great results

Catherine Hicks says:

Thank you!!! I appreciate your honest review. I bought one!! You look great!!!

Love English says:

Nice calm video thank you. I have the mega stick but I haven't used it yet. I'll keep an eye out for your next video.

GunstacR says:

That "product"is not a Fascia blaster. How can you give a review on a product that you are not actually using.

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