(#1) DEAR DIARY – CONFESSIONS OF AN INSECURE GIRL | bad skin | stretch marks | feeling ugly

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This is the first episode of my youtube ‘series’ called ‘Dear Diary.’

These are my confessions…

I hope you enjoy.


Ohemaa Afia says:

Hi guys, thank you so much for all your support and comments in such a small amount of time, trust me I see it and appreciate it alll!!! Love you all! ❤️

n 1 says:

I watched this yesterday while high and oi I was crying my eyes out 😭love ur vids x

Stephdfwu says:

love this and love you so proud of you for being real and opening up you go bby xx

VanessaMoreshia says:

I actually rate this so much Ohema. Insecurities is an issue that most people try to push aside and act asif they dont have any but the fact that youre addressing the issue head on is just so beautiful. Big up yuhself 🤙🏾🤙🏾

Brownie-pie says:

Omg didnt know you were a young mom, can you do a story time on your experience?

Brownie-pie says:

Aww so authentic! Really applaud ur realness girl 💕✨✨

Remmie Serwanga says:

Proud of u omg😩❤️ inspiration frr

stella roman says:

You’re beautiful 💗

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