Stretch Marks & Muscle Building | How to Prevent & Get Rid of Them!

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Official Anabolic Aliens video of Stretch Marks & Muscle Building | How to Prevent & Get Rid of Them!
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This video covers:
1) Why we get stretch marks in the first place, more specifically in regards to when we build muscle
2) Methods to help prevent getting stretch marks
3) Methods to help get rid of early on stretch marks
4) Methods to help improve older stretch marks
5) Methods to help get rid of older stretch marks

Hyaluronic Acid – 3:53
Cocoa Butter – 4:04
Bitter Almond Oil – 4:12
Silicone Gel – 4:27
Olive Oil – 4:35
Retinoic Acid – 4:46
Microdermabrasion – 5:09
Pulsed Dye Laser – 5:44
Fractional Laser – 5:48
Intense Pulsed Light – 5:57
Gotu Kola – 6:11

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Anabolic Aliens says:

You guys asked for it and here it is!! Why we get stretch marks, how to prevent them, and how to get rid of them!! Hope you find this helpful, leave a comment if so! 😀
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pkbjorn35 says:

Dont use steroids and you won’t get stretchmarks

A. STARZ says:

Now i know who writes the Wikipedia forums 😂😂

Sachin Patare says:

Hey Mike, will jogging everyday for 4 months for 4-5 kms with a proper diet get me a flat stomach if I am having a belly fat now?

miami based says:

I have these and find it sexy

iolairesino says:

This won't stop me from working out……

Goal Den says:

Lol I just tell people that they are my veins.

pratyaksh tonk says:

i trust you blindly and i follow you blindly, thanx for making me fit 💓💓

OggyCartoonsFun says:

Great video

Goal Den says:

I used to get these marks but they are fading away slowly. Verry slowly

David Kadisevskis says:

Dude your awesome

ClashingWithDG says:

In the other universe your duplet is called Trenabolic Alien and abuses drug abuse. Glad to have made it back on earth. 🙌

br0wnguy135 says:

What is silicon, I thought that was a plastic

mersal 11 says:

wow nice video


Is that really works?

Amogh Pratap Singh says:

Thank you so much

Anonymous Guy says:

Hey man!I need help.I cannot stop masturbation.I'm addicted to it.Everytime i do Nofap i feel really good then soon i relapse.I can't keep myself away from fapping.Helpppppppppppppp

The Geek Nepal says:

Omg. Thanks for the video.
Awesome channel

Samin SaQlain says:

name of the music at the intro and end part

Avadhut Said says:

You people r phenomenal xd:)

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