Coconut Oil Personal Lubricant: The Natural Sexual Lubricant! 2nd Act Unboxings

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Yes, you read that right! Fractionated Coconut Oil Personal Lubricant! Fractionated Coconut Oil from Majestic Pure to be precise. Fractionated Coconut oil sex lubricant and aromatherapy massage oil, seems like a good place to start with our first ever 2nd Act Unboxing and Review Series. We’ve covered the importance of using lubrication on several other episodes of 2nd Act TV. So, if you are looking for a natural personal lubricant, we found a great one!

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jackielu chan says:

he buy me a lubricant from a sex toy store, im not sure if it is safe or not,but i never been used it, because i dont know the effect of the lubricant specially if it is a waterbase. but i will ask my boyfriend to buy a virgin coconut oil to make it more safe and i trust in you girls that you already use it. thanks for your wonderful advice. now i can be comfortable and not afraid to have sex again.

jackielu chan says:

how often times do i have to use a coconut oil, is it everyday, after bath, or during intercourse..

Jane Cronin says:

Why can't you just use coconut oil that is not fractionated?

stanbalo says:

Your honesty is refreshing! Love coconut oil!

Sharon Lambert says:

I had never heard of this before. I'm very interested and will order some from Amazon and give it a try! Thanks ladies!

Karin Larsen says:

I just subscribed, but if you continue the giggling, I'm going to have to unsubscribe. It's too distracting, and annoying

freetobe says:

Thanks ladies! 🙂 What is the difference between using fractionated or just using Organic coconut oil in the tub?

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