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RECIPE: (Rough estimates but trust your tastebuds and be confident with your own quantities)

Pesto Sauce: (Blitz into a creamy paste)
1 cup roasted cashews
large handful fresh basil
2 garlic cloves
half lemon juiced
pink salt
2 tsp nutritional yeast (yummy this tastes like cheese!)
1 tbsp coconut oil

Sauté any vegetables you like!
I used:
Red onion
Yellow Squash
Fresh Basil
Zucchini Noodles

Add a source of protein.
I used chicken breast cooked in coconut oil, chilli, lemon, oregano and salt.

I also used organic buckwheat pasta to bulk up the meal (just use zucchini noodles if you want to keep it paleo)

Combine all together, adding additional nutritional yeast, salt and lemon to taste!!



Jo Lynn says:

Him reading that book. Dead☠☠😬🤓🤓

juliezeneth says:

💗💗💗 much love

Laura W. says:

Where is that white mesh sweatshirt from???? I neeeeed it asap

Wonser Fitlife says:

Love it! Literally laughed out loud during my cardio session 😘

veronica Druta says:

Hey Sezzy! Love your vlog!!! Some people binge-watch Netflix series, I binge-watch Sezzy videos on YouTube 🙂 They help as motivation at times when I am not in the mood for the gym.
On another note, I wanted to share a tip with you on cleaning mushrooms… it made my life easier and maybe it will help you too. To clean them you need to peel the outer layer. It is very fast and easy. I tried to find a good video for you… this one seems the best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbFPU6RyUmg
Keep up the amazing work!

Sarah Robinson says:

What about protein ball recipe?

Amanda Mansour says:

Legit wish I had an Australian accent 😍. You’re honestly my favorite YouTuber!

Melody says:

hey Sarah! I love your videos. I know you prefer HIIT to like weight lifting. Do you ever use the squat racks?

Ayness Lee says:

Hello there, meet your new fan here, instantly in love with your personality!

Bec Barry says:

omggg please post your protein ball recipe <3

Lauren Deegenaars says:

Umm So can I come over to your place for a dinner party please?? Yum!

Djamila Monteiro says:

you are indeed, really freaking cool.

beachgyal3 says:

I love your vibe and energy – its positively contagious!

Hadley Brown says:

Will loving earth ever ship to US??

eseo6989 says:

please do a vlogmas!!!

Cheetahprintangel says:

Omg I died laughing!

Lindsey Mitchell says:

Your videos are my favorite ❤️

Josephine Jenson says:

I love how all 3 of you are so comfortable with Kurt, yall are so cute

Ema Downey says:

Did the workout today! Had a limited time at the gym and this was just what i needed! Thank you!

Paige Heffernan says:

Love these workouts, could you do your current workout split video?? Thank you for your videos x

Deborah Lenihan says:

I would totally buy those balls too😉😉😉😂😂😂 such a fun vid xx

Valerie W says:

you make me smile 🙂

Jo'sGlobe says:

The editing done for the cooking part was phenomenal Sezzy!

Fit Princess says:

Sezzy I love those black shorts from your workout! Where are they from?! ❤️

Emma Oliver says:

Make a cook book please!!! I want to make everything you do it just looks so good😩🤤❤️

Ida Andreassen says:

can you make a superfood video? Which one you really need and how to use them? <3

Grace Chapman says:

Do you have a recipe for the protein bliss balls? 😇

Sandra T. says:

What are those cute little lemony flowers? Are those lemons? 🤔

sarah thiemann says:

i love your videos so much!!! could you by any chance list out the whole workout??

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