ASMR Scalp, Back, Shoulders, Neck & Face Massage | Hair Treatment | Coconut Oil | No Talking

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Hello TM!
I gave this All-Over treatment to my friend and I hope you can benefit from it!
In this video you may fine: hair stroking, hair brushing, upside down hair brushing, head scratching, scalp scratching, hair scratching, tapping on a glass jar, applying organic coconut oil on hair, hair combing, hair pulling, hair playing, neck massage, back massage, shoulders massage, head massage, hair massage, scalp massage,
face wiping, water sounds, exfoliating gum wash, face cleansing,
face massage, wet towel, applying facial purifying mask, etc.

Hope you like it! Please let me know!

♛ In this video I use High-quality stereo condenser microphones built into earphones – Roland CS-10EM In-Ear Monitors. This product is available here: (Affiliate)

This is an ASMR video – dedicated to A relaxing visuals and sounds. If you don’t know what ASMR is, please Google it.

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Jay Valentine says:

Yesss the talons are gone!!!. Great vid 😃

Mari za says:

This is divine!

TheFlutterbyme says:

Wonderful! Thank you

Cori G says:

So much yesssss!!!! Day = Made! ❤️❤️

GirlBoss603252 says:

The sounds in your vids are SO great. Thank you for sharing! <3

RosieCheeks.K says:

i absolutely ADORE your massage sections! absolute bliss

Casey Doyle says:

Awesome!! I ❤️ your nail color!! So vibrant. Who is it by?

Juxy says:

Love this you're the best asmr artist

therock1231989 says:

Can you wash her hair in a video please?

Maria Natalia Saez Sampson says:

Can’t wait for bedtime!

rae henderson says:

So it

Alex O says:

OMG your videos are life! Love them so much!

Laura Jackson says:

I’ve been waiting for a new video and you delivered! Thank you ❤️

acceptance sets you free says:

omg! i have to watch in four stages i couldnt keep awake! so nice thankyou x

greedy14u says:

I just love your videos lots of tingles!!!😍

M. Ina says:

Super nice! Thank you!

NathanRomml says:

nice im almost first

Maritz MMS says:

Please do another facial with exfoliating and mud mask 👍🏼

Maritz MMS says:

Thank God 🤗🙏🏼where have you been 😜i put your videos on auto play to fall asleep last night 👍🏼💤😴Love ya ❤️😘

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