Neem for Dandruff: A Natural Remedy to Get Rid of It

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Neem for Dandruff: A Natural Remedy to Get Rid of It
If you have a very dry scalp, more often than not, you may have found yourself in an embarrassing situation where the collar of your shirt is covered with white flaky substances! Dandruff is not restricted to the scalp alone, even the skin on the face and the body is prone to dandruff. It is but natural to assume that dandruff is caused due to dryness. In opposition to this notion, research suggests that dandruff is actually due to cells of the skin that have a very short life, they grow and die with great rapidity.
A fungus known as Malassezia is responsible for dandruff. Certain weather conditions do facilitate the growth of dandruff, most commonly the winter season. It has the tendency to being stubborn and coming back again and again despite proper treatment. Contrary to popular belief, one effective way to get rid of dandruff is to shampoo daily, this prevents the growth of the cells that have a shortlife. An after effect of untreated dandruff is hair loss. Thus, it is best to catch the issue on time and follow a due course of treatment.
1. Chew the leaves
2. Neem oil
3. Neem and curd
4. Neem hair mask
5. Neem as a hair conditioner


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