PREGNANCY VLOG: Week 8 Update – Skin and Stretch Marks | Flipside Of The Moon

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PREGNANCY VLOG: Week 8 – Skin and Stretch Marks | Flipside Of The Moon


Hi! I’m Christiana, and welcome to the Flipside of the Moon🌙
I’m a former PA with a passion for medicine, but an even bigger passion for being a SAHM. Subscribe to my channel for vlogs, recipes, skincare, and more! This is how we Disco in the Wisco, baby.

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They Call Me E says:

I hope the sickness goes away..with my Son I had it bad! Morning, noon and night. With my daughter I didn't have it at all. They say that your pregnancies are different with boys and girls. For me, it was. You never really know. Either way, happy for you and Dr. Moonlight!

Anthony Kulik says:

I love how much u love ur hair, its so cute lol.

A SMaRt foodie says:

Do you have a nickname for the baby yet??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄

Molly Karibian ASMR says:

Is it boy of girl

BeautyBabble1 says:

were you guys conciously trying to have a third? or was it a happy surprise?

The Prinny says:

You look great!

Mizhershe Ehsrehzim says:

Is there a reason why you chose to give peanut butter to your kids as part of their regular diet? Its just that i hear different things about it, not to give it to babies before they turn 1 because of allergy?

Mizhershe Ehsrehzim says:

Love the new hairdo!

Sabrina Santiago says:

Hey lady! Glad you are still making these vids but most of all glad you and the new baby are doing good. Your lil belly is growing! Many good thoughts to you and the dam from San Antonio TX!👍🏼👍🏼

BlaqueAsian says:

You're having a GIRL!!!!! I so look forward to your weekly medical analogy of your seedling.
I love your hair. It is absolutely adorable!

Hannah H says:

Ur so cute and tiny! Love these updates

applecinnamon says:

I can’t get over the fact that you look so, SO gorgeous with a bob ❤️ I’m so happy (/envious😂) for you Christiana ☺️ Also, coconut oil as a moisturiser is a LIFESAVER. I’m not pregnant but I’ve been using it (straight outta the shower) for idk 2 years and my skin feels freaking soft and hydrated! Hubby is enjoying that too so it’s a plus, I guess ☺️ Way cheaper than any other moisturiser too!

Brooke Ashley says:

Hey girl ! Silent viewer here 🙂 Congratulations on the pregnancy. I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first. I had a question, I've been having tightening in my uterus that comes and goes. Today's I've had it like six times. It doesn't hurt, is this normal? Did you have this with your other pregnancies ?

Daisyprettyinpink says:

I didn't get the website for the miscarriage percentages. Can you post it again please? ❤️

kate lynn says:

I love watching these, I am sooo excited for you. I'm hoping to conceive soon! Just started medroxyprogesterone. If this doesn't give us the kick we need in the next 3 months, doctor will be adding clomid. Hate to use meds, but natural wasn't doing it. Hoping to be a bright glowing mama to be like yourself soon! ❤️

Arianna Gutierrez says:

You look amazing! You're totally glowing 💕💕

Lisa de says:

U look Fab. And I see you have my favorite BBW candle (chocolate/Pistachio) in the background 👍

RileeiAv Fuller says:

For sure a girl🌸 .. well I'm hoping so anyways lol

Christina Geister says:

I love how you explain the growth of the baby. The hair looks amazing.

Kassi Bartlett says:

Omg, I use the same coconut oil as a moisturizer after I get out of the shower!

Kassi Bartlett says:

Try taking 25mg of vitamin b6 3-4 times a day to help with nausea. You can increase to up to 200mg a day, but make sure you split it up into smaller doses to take through out the day. It worked for me.

Lauren Johnson says:

Even though I'm almost always wrong guessing what someone is having I have a very strong feeling that you're having a girl this time

Athina Bibi says:

I reaaally admire you Christiana!I think your family is blessed to have you as a

daughter,as a wife and especially as a mother!
I really hope that someday I'll become a mother just like you

ziad almohamady says:

have you told Beau about the new baby yet? & if so what was his response ?

Laura Isaacs-Arnette says:

Every vlog that you describe how the baby is forming and growing I just burst into tears lol. I think that is so amazing how God can creates a human being like that creation and birth is just an amazing thing. Congratulations again I'm so happy for you.

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