C- Section Scar and Stretch Marks!

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Hope you enjoyed todays vlog where I show a bit of my scar and stretch marks and ALSO THE BEST THING OF THE DAY…JAYDES FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!

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Gail Fabrigas says:

Jayde was not impressed with kindergarten hahahah

fanny Hernandez says:

Aww she looked so cute. 😍 I have the same problem with my 2 year old 😓 idk what to do 😭 maybe we should get together let the play and we enjoy a cold one lol 🍻


So my child's autistic but all the tools of behavior therapy work for all children special needs or not. First observe the function of the behavior. If you google 4functions of behavior it gives you a good break down. Here one to start with but I swear by this once you know why the behavior is happing set a plan and FOLLOW THROUGH biggest advice don't give in (easier said then done some time) good luck http://pin.it/pFTNY-_

alma mireles says:

Tramp stamp lmfao

Priscilla O says:

when you whispered Tramp Stamp LMAO!!!

Daily jessenia says:

Take away all his toys. Physically let him watch you put his fav toys away and explain to him that they will be put away till he stops crying over things trust.. my three year old started that at two and he is 3.5 and still has major fits ALLLLL the time. I've tried everything as well. But taking his things away has slowly been working. And getting on his level and explaining to him that what he is doing is not ok.

TheRockstarMa says:

Omg Jayde in school already crazy!!!! My son starts his Senior year Monday and my youngest goes into 6th grade….cherish these days with them babies.

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