Twin Pregnancy Update | Weeks 31 & 32 | Stretch Marks & Free Breast Pump!

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Aurorinezori says:

Congrats! I had my triplets at 30,5 weeks so every day counts and they will be so much stronger!!! Take time to rest, that's the key :)))

Danielle Budick says:

You look so beautiful! Pregnancy looks good on you! Stretch marks are a good reminder of where you have come from. Stretch marks are warrior marks. You've been through a lot to get all three of your sons! God bless you, friend! Looking forward to seeing the babies. Do you plan doing a birth video/birth story/stories? I noticed your PO Box is gone, I wanted to send you some friend mail. 😊


ANY DAY NOW???? OMG!!! That is crazy!!! Keeping you in my thoughts friend! xoxo

Nicole Michaels says:

You look great! Hope the weeks ahead are smooth sailing. Warm regards, Nicole

My Organised Mess says:

For twins you look really small. I swear I'm as big as you and I'm 31 weeks with one! So glad everything is going well, hopefully it stays that way. Will you be induced at 38 weeks or half a c section? I heard a lot of twin pregnancy they don't let you go natural

julia meares says:

I can just see them laying there on your mommy bump! Made me cry with such joy that God is bringing to your family. God bless.

Team Bradley says:

My girls were born at 34w2d. We spend 22 and 27 days in nicu

Joan Milano says:

My mother was a twin and she weighed 3 lbs. at birth. And this was in the 1930's when they didn't have the equipment they have now. Obviously, she made it lol – and so did her twin, who was 3 lbs. 2 oz. Back then, they wrapped them up and put them on the open over door for warmth. My brother was a preemie and weighed 4 lbs.1 oz., born in the 60's and he is healthy as a horse. 🙂

Heather Rowe says:

You look amazing! Happy to hear you received the breast pump.

Lynn Crowder says:

You look so cute pregnant!

Susan Velez says:

So glad to hear your taking things slower and drinking lots of water! You look amazing and your belly is perfect! Thank you for sharing with us I can't wait I'm so excited for you, what great healthy news on the babies. Can you tell I'm dying to be a grandma lol!

DeathRowToDisneyWorld says:

You look great!

southerncouponista says:

That's so awesome the size they are! Yay for the free breast pump!

Sarah Bennett says:

It's not so much weight that determines outcome but lung development.

Kathy O'Gorman says:

I'm so happy for you that you are doing so well! I don't always comment but I watch all your videos! 💕💕💕💕

startrek says:

Stretch marks are badges of honor

A Merry Life says:

It's getting so close! They are going to be so cute. 🙂

Cathy Holland says:

Love this sweet video. You are beautiful.

Maureen Cairney says:

I love that you are happy about your stretch marks, wear them with pride as you earned everyone of them.

Paige Grizzham says:

I have so many stretch marks! Probably 50.. but you made me see mine in a new way. Thank you. 💜

Ashton A says:

Love your outlook on stretch marks! Mine don't bother me either. So excited for you! You look great!

Megan Blanchard says:

Cute belly! I hope you make it all the way to twin "full term" whatever that is. Amazing job keeping a positive attitude!

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