Home made Organic Coconut Oil

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1.heat a pan,add 1 cup of water and grated dry coconut
boil for 5mins low flame (OPTIONAL)
2.Pass the ground coconut paste through a sieve which has a
fine mesh, and squeeze out the coconut milk by pressing
with the back of a ladle. Squeezing with a clean hand will
give the best results.
Filter the paste using a clean cloth , wringing it to express
the coconut milk. After extracting the milk, add a little more water to the coconut gratings to extract as much as milk as possible.
3.now i kept the inside the fridge for over night(optional) OR KEEP IT OUTSIDE.
4.Next day , gently scoop out the solidified coconut cream and place it in a clean sauce pan.
5.Pour the coconut milk into a heavy bottomed vessel and start
As the coconut milk boils, the oil will start separating from
the milk solids and form into small globules. Keep stirring so
that the coconut milk solids do not settle down at the bottom
of the vessel and get burnt.
6.After almost an hour the white colour of the milk solids will
change into a chocolate brown colour and the pleasant aroma
of fresh coconut oil will start filling the air.R E A D Y


shikha manchanda says:

Easy to make and very useful video…..

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