Farah Dhukai: GROW YOUR HAIR 2X FASTER!!! 😱😱

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💁🏽Yep you read right. The AVERAGE amount of hair growth per year is 6 inches….This is how I GROW MY HAIR OVER 12 inches… pretty much DOUBLING the growth!!
Of course results vary from person to person, but this is an inexpensive method and works wonders! ❤️ALL YOU NEED:
✅Coconut Oil (or any oil you prefer) -this is solid at room temperature so I warmed it up to a liquid
✅Cayenne Pepper Powder
Use a jar with a lid!
I used a 16oz mason jar and filled half with coconut oil with 2 heaping tablespoons of cayenne powder – mix
seal/cover the jar and store the mixture in a cool dark place for 1 week
After one week give the oil a mix and then strain so theres no “powder” in the mix
SAVE THE STRAINED CAYENNE POWDER! Ill show you how to use it in a laterrrrrrrrrrr video!
I poured my oil into a squeeze bottle that I can constantly reuse!
🙆🏽Apply the oil to your SCALP ONLY!
This is oil infused with cayenne and it will slightly sting. The sting is the capsaicin doing its job .. do a test patch first to see how your skin handles it!
For me PERSONALLY, I barely feel anything!
Massage onto your scalp and leave it on overnight (if you can handle it), or for as long as you possibly can! I let it get onto my forehead so I can stimulate my edges/babyhair (use gloves if your sensitive) wash it out with shampoo after you’re done
🙅🏽DO NOT PUT THIS ALL OVER YOUR FACE! I personally think cayenne is TOO STRONG to apply all over your face!
👏🏾Use this mixture as often as you can -at least once a week!

The main ingredient that does the work here is CAYENNE PEPPER –
it contains capsaicin which helps to stimulate hair growth
if you have “lazy” hair follicles that dont grow hair as fast – the capsaicin helps to boost their growth as well to get you more VOLUME and THICKNESS
hair grows faster when your blood circulation increases to your follicles
increased blood circulation = FAST and HEALTHY hair growth!
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Disclaimer: test patch first!


Aaika Thanvi says:

Hi will the red oil give a red tint to my hair?

juicy b says:

can i use olive oil instead of coconut oil? And this should be washed out afterwards right?

Sangita Nayak says:

is this cinnamon powder???

Noreen Douglas-Walcott says:

Hi Love. So, I'm just checking, you sleep with it overnight​ & wash it out in the morning. Correct?

Maribel Rodriguez says:

this is too fast. slow down a little. and gave more details on how to use these things


How long between those photos? I know you may not know, but I'm wondering if this will work for people with locs🤔

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