Oil: The Vegan Killer

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Vegans get less heart disease but they still get it. How? The main culprit: oils. So begins a science binge of how oil affects the human body.
Links and Sources:

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Mavette Augustine says:

So is coconut oil bad too?

Palasha says:

Oh well, we're doomed either way. Have oil, not have oil, have fruits, not have fruits (coz ya know wax, chemicals etc) …oh well 😔

Demond Hart says:

It might be nice to include positive alternatives to these studies. Otherwise people are left more confused and hopeless. Just saying! ,-)

thoughtwarrior says:

Dude – Great video.. Liked it so much I just subscribed.. one question (i know this video is a year old and I am not sure you get theses comments) what about eating olives?.. I see you mentioned nuts/seeds/avocadoes….

Keith Lee says:

Well no wonder I feel like shit after I eat an oily meal bleh! But does that mean that whole plant based foods that are high in oils are better than the oil itself?

Ana Silvia says:

Everything is moderation is the key. Don't use oil everyday.

Lewis Burton says:

Olive oil???? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo 😭

Hannah Kobsar says:

I am vegan and I am addicted to processed foods. I love junkfood. I don't use oil to cook anymore though, just vegan butter, (probably the same thing?) and water.

Ingrid H says:

I will just eat air…..

Christoph Schöfmann says:

Love your work man! keep em comming (:

Michael Paccione says:

ahaha that yoda scene!

The Vampiress says:

what about peanut oil?

Carsten Altena says:

Thumbs up for the spot on Yoda impression!

Jefferson Pogue says:

Nailed it. Great vid!

Lowlandweller _ says:

We're all gonna die anyways. Better of heart attack than cancer imo lol

beppegoals says:

"refined", "refined", my god..

Dear Mic. the Vegan, could i ask you what you scientific background is?

It would be important to get an idea on whether you would be able to correctly interpret and summarize scientific articles.

Krysten Chambers says:

Cold pressed coconut oil??? What if you are pressing your own coconut oil?

Paul Mackay says:

What about cold pressed non-refined oil (coconut, olive, avacado)

Blair Olson says:

I do not eat anything in package period.Cooking,, water and fresh coconut milk water down spice to dish.I juice so i save the 2 cups exsample carrot juice ,at that point some fiber pulp spice .Seem to add nice full flavor.When my garden is producing i juice 2 litres of let say kale fill jar 1/2full with kale fresh top it off with kale juice.spice to kick flavor in. Let it sit till i need to cook braze grill fry what ever.Oil have big risk of GMO s and chemical sugars .I am 1 year complete raw veg /2 years transtion /3 years no package or eating out lol I pack food lol

Patricia McKinley says:

Keep in mind that you absolutely need fats, just not the bad fats. There are several vitamins that are fat soluble, so without oils, you could be not absorbing all the wonderful vitamins that come from eating a vegan diet. I prefer to get my fats from hemp seeds and all natural peanut butter. I do cook with olive oil on occasion, and that's not a bad thing. It only becomes a negative aspect when you consume "bad" fats too frequently. This is a wonderful video on negative fats, but do not take it as a condemnation of all fats. Stay strong my friends. 🙂

Dave Dunne says:

bullshit. watch "the oiling of america" here on youtube. oils are bad but sat fat is good. we have been duped by the oil manufactures for a very long time. eat animal fat, real butter and use coconut oil instead of the liquid oil. use olive oil if you must but only on salads and not heated.

barbara integratedlook says:

I tried vegan diet few times and now i am back. my iron(anemic as hell;) and vitamines deficiancy was due to parasites not vegan diet. Please do video about vitamin A,E, D absorbtion and how much fat we need to eat to secure this. thanks!

Serpentaria says:

What about black seed oil?

Bunny B says:

@micthevegan what are your thoughts about the GAPS diet please? it's a very fatty diet to cure allergies and leaky gut síndrome. thanks

Ellie Greens says:

This was an incredible video. You gave me far more information than my doctor has ever given me. Thank you!

Robert Ennew says:

Is flaxseed oil a better alternative… or just as bad as cocunut or any other oil alternative? Asking because I'm concerned for myself (omnivore trying to transition) & my vegan friend.who likes to cook with it for added flavour.

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