😍 After This VIDEO You Will Throw Away Your THYROID Medication And Start Consuming Coconut Oil

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Donna Joshi says:

Doctors don't know enough about natural healing. I don't suggest going off your meds but it won't hurt to try this. I'm going to. I take vitamin B6 for memory loss but no Doctor has recommended it. Research and compare notes. Also, give things time to work. 🙂

niaga fugaz says:

music too loud !!!!!

jazz jewel says:

this is irresponsible a thyroid condition required getting of gluten dairy and sugar eating clean cleaning up your diet so to clean out your gut from toxins it requires supplementing with selenium vitamin b12 and other immune supporting supplements hundreds of people have been healing there debilating thyroid symptoms by simply going off dairy gluten and sugar for a few months just to see what foods are triggering a problem check out Izabella wentz thyroid secret here on you tube she has 9 episodes that will inform u on what to do about your thyroid health a thyroid condition can be debilating and u should take it seriously and work at getting well

OlymPigs2010 says:

…Coconut Oil Doesn't Cure or Alleviate Hypothyroid!

Jani Hyytiäinen says:

Keep in mind that by instructing someone on throwing away their medication can actually kill the person.

Maha Raheel says:

which time will be taken coconut oil?

ESTRELLA Gomez says:

I think it is excellent, but unfortunately I can't take coconut oil, even if it is the best, because I get acid reflux with it. It is a shame. I use it a lot, but for my skin, that's great.

Danny Krinkle says:

Coconut oil: Great for thyroid. Terrible for voice.

Kashmir Halifax says:

thumbs up excellent video Alyas UK

mike jones says:

Cyborg bitch. Some coconut oil fix that voice box.

The Dude says:

No I won't because 1 I don't have a thyroid and 2 I'm allergic to nuts including coconuts.

todd krager says:

before starting or stopping ANY medical treatment, discuss it with your Dr. It may be dangerous to suddenly stop taking a medication, or there may be serious interactions with a new treatment.

Moral 1 says:

Don't stop your meds if you are hyperthyroid you could have a thyroid storm an die

Jennifer Stockings says:

Um. Not all ppl that have HYPOthyroidism are big overweight lumps. And not all ppl who have HYPERthyroidism are rail thin string beans. But thanks for employing the stereotype.

Jennifer Stockings says:

Sorry. I in fact, did not throw away my synthroid.

Razan M says:

Is this for the active thyroid problem?

Amy Salinog says:

thank you so much for the information about the coconut

Yuva nesh says:

Thanks for sharing a great info ma'am

ron hanish says:


Jade Rule says:

Is coconut milk ok too or does it have to be the coconut fat?
I drink loads of coconut milk and it doesn't help me much but my thyriod is damaged beyond repair I think:

John Healey says:

That would be great about something as simple as coconut oil or water. I have been on thyroid medication for about a year after I was told it was off the chart. Magically it is back to normal. Not sure but I found and not sure but it maybe a digestion complication and cholesterol elevated. I read that niacin can help with high cholesterol and I add it to soup or other similar foods. Really not sure if I think coconut oil or water helps for severe thyroid level like mine.

Belon Comel says:

This is suitable only for hypothyroid..instead if you taking this for hyperthyroid coconut oil will worsen your thyroid..need to add more specific information on this and should mention hypo not hyper..

Sallie Lim says:

Great. I was diagnosed as ving hyperthyroidisim a yr ago. Under medication. After 4 of treatments become hypothyroid. My T4 n the rest become normal. But my doc ask me to continue, saying if i give up medication, the illness reoccur. I ve given up a week ago after consulted my chiro doc , who is also a pharmacist. So what do u think. Virgin coconut oil is part of my diet even when I was on medications

Irma Taylor says:

For anyone with thyroid health problems I would strongly recommend removing fluoride from your diet completely. If it's in your water, toothpaste, mouthwash etc. avoid it – try this and see your body really recovers.

Fluoride is a known toxin and I do wish it was removed from drinking water. Besides causing dental fluorosis and thyroid problems it is a neurotoxin causing mental behaviour issues and "cotton wool" brain fog and memory problems and the cause of calcification of the pineal gland.

The fluoride molecules disrupts the regular function of the thyroid gland which is trying to produce the different T cells needed for good health.

Martin Martinez says:

too much coconut oil will make your voice robotic. lol

Redlin Winny says:

i am male 27 i have an hypothyroidism for 2yrs I put so much weight and now I am trying to become slim I am taking a tablet daily mrng in empty stomach. will it be cured completely.

Mint xD says:

What type of coconut oil?
The kind u scoop out and that's white? Or the liquid in the bottle?

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