Home made INSTANT COCONUT OIL / Using 100 Coconuts

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Prepared by My DADDY ARUMUGAM / Village food factory


HP11208 says:

fresh coconut oil, can be use for a lot of things.

rabid rabbit says:

mmmmmmm i want to eat the coconut flesh

peace, Indian. says:

Next vdo of that sheep in back ground

brushrescue1701 says:

mmmmmmmmmm this is living ….

Wolfbrin 12 says:

even Gordon couldn't keep up with dis guy XD

Owin Morales says:

impresionante su gusto por la cocina del Señor saludos desde peru 🙂 fan numero 1

Nityanand Giri says:

Why do you have to lengthen the duration of the video by showing the drinking and subsequent steps of ALL THOSE 100 COCONUTS?!! AND WHAT'S THE POINT OF SHOWING THE MEAT PREPARATION AND SUBSEQUENT RELISHING ACTS IN THIS VIDEO meant for showing how to make oil? It shows that your intention is basically to lengthen the video unnecessarily and polishing and pasting your family like more than being focused on the subject!! These kinds of videos should be kept in your family achieves and not here for public viewing!! Intention is everything-remember!!

Akshay Chaturvedi says:

peace loving video I like very much

AT'S condition ZERO says:

wow gazab lovely

wsifuen says:

still waiting on the day daddy goes on a rant and eats the whole world!!!!!!😅😅😅😅

Maksim Khomyak says:

daddy's got 2 thumbs on one hand look closely

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