WEIGHT LOSS: Stretch Marks, Loose Skin, and Boobs.

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I get asked a lot about stretch marks, saggy skin, and boobs haha. Here is a video on it. I tried to edit it so that it isn’t 20 minutes long


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kevin auman says:

Id smash! Lol good job making yourself look great 👍

Denya Gantenbein says:

finally someone who gets it right. Stretch marks are caused by the expansion you get when you gain weight or when you gain muscles. You do not get those tears when you lose weight.

DerpieeeBun says:

I have stretch marks and I'm fat and I hate my arms. It's so hard to find clothes for me.:(

N A says:

your belly button looks saggy

Becka Stroy says:

I'm 18. I have stretch marks not from pregnancy and I'm not fat at all, I just grew really fast. I've had stretchmarks for about 4 yrs until I started doing something about them. I initially used palmers cocoa butter but that didn't work. Argan rain %100 Pure Argan oil lightened my stretchmarks from years ago and now I feel comfortable wearing a bikini !!!!

InstantCalmer says:

lmao, thats the best technique i've ever seen for putting on a bra (gonna try it myself) xD

nikol blogbox says:

GIRL your body is perfect I wish I had body like that! STOP PUSHING YOUR STOMACH IN pls

Ally UmmYea says:

the younger u r when u lose weight the less chances u have to have saggy skin

mahadewiiii says:

OMG seriously who cares about stretch marks I would say 90% of women have them and a good lot of men too! It's totally a non-issue to me… I've been pregnant twice and that was the last thing on my mind!

SpontSteph914 says:

Omg I also put on bras like that. Except it stretches them

domino746 says:

+Chin Lian Lin   You are right! It reveals the truth about the
cellulite. Thats why I love this program cause
its very informative and techniques & workout
routine were revealed that helps my skin look
taut and smooth. 🙂

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