How to Fix Cellulite | Butt and Thigh Fat Burning Interval Workout

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WHATS UP WHATS UP #TFNFAM!! Today I’m showing you how to burn fat & target butt and thighs with this fat burning interval workout.

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Jesso Ahmed says:

waiting for Cozo, Vobo bitches to ruin the comments section !!

Reese does says:


Jack Qwerty says:

Your hot 😉 how old r u lol im just kidding

Amy G says:

What's the difference between glute bridges and hip thrusts? Or are they the same?

Natalie Gunther says:

Love your vids!!! Seriously SO helpful!!!

ALSO, where did you get your Slay tank top you're wearing in the vid?? LOVE IT!!!

Mar Robledo says:

Excellent video Abby! Love the way you explain the fundamentals of everything! Keep going!

ice alpha says:

mmm that booty jiggle though.. now that's what I like to see

Melissa Marroquin says:

how'd you learn so much about health and fitness?

Jadean Aria says:

Do you have a video of general weight loss, just starting my fitness journal

InspireBeauty says:

Thanks for putting so much work into all of your videos!

Everygoodnameistaken says:

Well, you just won me over with your White Chicks clip 😂

Kat C. says:

Abby, I am feeling really frustrated with my (lack of) progress. My overall goal is to gain muscle and over the past 3 months I've been consistently strength training 3x a week. towards the end of February I decided to completely change my diet as well. I meal prep healthy foods (lots of lean protein, nutritious veggies, and wholesome grains) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Similar to you, I was never very active in the past…just naturally skinny. I thought that my changes in diet would yield noticeable results by now but my measurements are practically the same as before. I don't understand this because I kick ass in the gym. my M-W-F workouts are intense and I always drink protein afterwards. The next day I am usually sore. I have noticed that I'm a little stronger and can push harder than I used to…but besides that I SEE no changes. I'm starting to feel hopeless…like I'm stuck in this body. Why is it taking me so long?

lovemyjeaans says:

We love uuu . From chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱

Willow Wegmann says:

Just found your channel and I'm loving the workout videos!

Would love to see a video about building thigh muscles. I had knee surgery last year and I still haven't built up my strength in my legs so if I'm not paying attention my knee will give out.

Becca Pollard says:

You've been the only person I could ever find that actually teaches me something. Wish I could've found you sooner but I'm glad I did none the less.
I'm so glad I found you!

MsMelissa0000 says:

I love your videos 🙂 you will get so far, im honestly so excited for you!

alexandra fernandez says:

I'm I the only one who thinks she looks like she could be April kepners sister from Grey's anatomy??

Katrina Delos Santos says:

Great video as always!
Abby, where do you get your resistance bands?

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