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What Is Laser Treatment for Acne?
The Benefits of laser treatment for acne
Side Effects of laser treatment for acne
Cost for laser treatment of acne

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The process generally uses light to target bacteria, that combined with an excess of sebum, cause acne breakouts.

“Acne most commonly develops when skin cells don’t shed properly, leaving sticky pore blocking sebum and bacteria. When killing bacteria, your acne will minimize. Any dark pigmented, superficial scars will also be minimized,”


Side effects ?
Cosmetic lasers are some of the most intensive and invasive facial procedures you can get done for your skin. However, each type of laser treatment has certain side effects.

Redness, swelling, and/or itching
This is a very common side effect of laser skin treatments. Traditional ablative lasers would physically vaporize the top layer of your skin, leaving it red and raw for months until it healed on its own. Non-ablative lasers, while less intensive, claim to have no downtime, but facial redness (erythema), swelling, and even itching are common post-laser side effects.

Sensitivity to the sun
Since cosmetic lasers pretty much heat or damage your skin to encourage it to heal, it is no wonder that laser skin treatments will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. After you get laser done on your face, it is extremely important to stay out of the sun during peak hours and wear proper sunscreen protection.

Infection is not a very common side effect, but it can happen, especially with some of the more invasive cosmetic laser procedures. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotic creams and pills to take post-op to prevent any kind of infection from occurring.

1. Increase of the skin.
The Laser is powerful in destroying cells and cause damage to even the deepest skin layers. The use of laser acne treatment could result in redness and increase, which could make the skin more sensitive over time.
2. Excessive dryness of the skin.
There are special laser acne treatments, such as blue light therapy, which excessively dry out the skin, leading to a more serious skin problem. This could make the skin less responsive lotions, gels or topical creams.
What’s the Benefit?
The advantage of laser treatment for acne scar is that it works in harmony with the structure of the skin tissue.
Laser acne scar treatment is certainly a safer alternative to harsh chemical peels, glycolic acid, punch excision and strong surgical lasers. The frequency of laser treatment is every one to two weeks.
Laser Treatment for Acne Cost?
Laser for acne scars is one of the best choices that can help you get rid of acne scars. However, everything comes with a price and laser treatments do not come cheap. On the average, laser treatment costs $700 to $800 per session.

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