How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Shea Butter:
Cocoa Butter:
Coconut Oil:

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Preventing stretch marks may be impossible for some people and that is entirely okay. In this video I show you what seemed to have worked for me. Always make sure your baby’s needs are met first and foremost. In the end, it’s not about self but about baby.




Jojo Morris says:

I have been using Argan Rain pure argan oil for my entire pregnancy; and now I am 35 weeks and have no stretch mark at all.

Chris Maynard says:

Well that method really worked for. U r a beautiful young woman I bet u family is really proud of u

K80sLife says:

i have a bunch from my first pregnancy. my second pregnancy my belly was a lot bigger and i didn't get any new ones. I moisturized my belly daily because it was so itchy. Not sure if it helped or if it was a coincidence. My mom and both sisters have them also. Good to know though if i ever decide to have another baby. Never hurts to moisturize your skin anyway.

Lauren H says:

As long as women are aware that stretch marks are genetic so some of us get stretch marks NO MATTER what products we put on our how much weight we gain. You're one of the lucky ones Farris 😁

Nichole de Lancret says:

What's wrong with stretch marks?

Bek Larsen says:

When we finally have a little miracle happen for us, I will be doing this! Thank you so much for the tip!

Anna Rogov says:

I moisturized with shea butter and coconut oil like a mad woman! + other special creams for stretch marks. I thought it worked until the last two weeks before I gave birth (I went 2 1/2 weeks past my due date) I got a ton of stretch marks haha. Like you said battle wounds lol:D

braebookster says:

I have stretch marks everywhere in the zone you were talking about. My first pregnancy I got some but then my second was when things really exploded and got out of control. I'm learning to love them though. Like you said, battle wounds. They are beautiful reminders of carrying my babies. ❤

Amelia McDowell says:

Good things to know! Your pregnancy was so beautiful from start to finish and post-pregnancy! Thanks for the new channel and video!

Jessica Keeney says:

I never had any with my first…..

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