23 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot | Stretch Marks! Bonding more with this Baby? (Baby #3)

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Hey Yall! Here is my 23 week pregnancy update. This week was pretty emotional and mentally exhausting. Hope you enjoy these videos. Make sure to Comment, Like, and Subscribe to let me know. Love you all 🙂

Kady’s Labor & Delivery Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xAo2y7nIkU (Part 1)

Kady’s Labor & Delivery Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqwGimub_Uk (Part 2)

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Chavon Link says:

I have been watching you for all few months now. You are a week ahead of me and I am going through similar feelings as you. I made 23 weeks this past Sunday and this is my 2nd pregnancy. Stay strong honey! I was just wondering, What are you doing for maternity clothes? Do you have a special place you like to shop?

Shay Paris says:

Your belly is so cute and small are you going to do a maternity shoot ?

brianna mcdowell says:

we are both 23 weeks! congratulations on your bundle of joy! pregnancy looks GREAT on you! when is your due date?

Life as Risper says:

look so good galfriend…

The Rice Life says:

I definitely think you will benefit from having a doula! Being that everything is so new for you, she will help bring you peace of mind. You're in my prayers, mama!

Nikolle Cole says:

I'm 19 weeks with twins and they are both on my right side. It hurts so bad. I totally know how you feel.

Cece says:

baby is getting big and i can see ur hips changing pregnancy really suits you.x

Stefanie White says:

i had 2 vaginal births with both my daughter and my son and i didnt bond with either of them right away. both relationships and bonds had to be built and grew gradually over time. it all works itself out– you will love each of them in their own special way whether you bond right away or later! dont feel bad about yourself at all mama!


yes you should have a plan. your husband may have to stay with you bcuz yu can't trust everybody with your babies. or call your mom or sister or they god parents if they have any. but I pray God will make a way out of no way. 😂😂

My Napps R Beautiful says:

Those faux locs are hanging in there. My feet are swelling now if I walk around to much and I'm 32 weeks now but yes I get pain in my ribs on the left side I couldn't get any sleep 😴 because she snuggles right there but my youngest daughter is excited she always wants to feel her and talk to her.🤦🏾‍♀️

Nikktoney Toney says:

what are you having ? ??

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