Huge Meals, Keto Pancakes, Stretch Marks, Pull Workout | VLOG #2

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KETOSHRED is a Vlog series including Working Out / Meals / Full Day Of Eating / Day In The Life of Merijn Schoeber ( Student Aesthetics ) / ISSA Certified Personal Trainer / Student / Bodybuilder / Online Personal Trainer


jam34786 says:

dude. stretch marks just mean you're making gains hella fast! congrats on that. they will naturally fade but it may take a few years. anyways good video! thanks for the upload!

Kieran Blacklock says:

didn't I tell use guys I was dieting…I was just fucking around haha nice video enjoyed it ..liked

Asian Aesthetics says:

When u go to USA try get some collabs !

Colin D. says:

welk porgramma gebruik je om te editen ?

Ali says:

Could you explain how the CKD diet works?

Tinashe Dingwiza says:

Keto flu perhaps?

Theo Hendriks says:

Hee, I was wondering if I could buy that cap ;p

Lift Dude says:

Why did you start this channel?

Anthony Intensity 💪 says:

A lot of books in the background 3:30…. are they yours??
What are you studing??

Tonys Pure Fitness says:

1:32 I thought I heard Berry White trying to come out ha haaa

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