(Important) Lavender Essential Oil Side Effects Warning

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3 Smart Tips to Follow Before purchasing lavender oil:

1. Make sure it was manufactured in the USA, EU or Canada. Due to strict regulation performed by FDA, EFSA and CFIA production quality is a lot higher.

2. Avoid cheap brands. You want organic, you want natural and you do not want any addiional chemicals. Do not expect to purchase lavender oil for a few dollars. Quality lavender oil should cost at least 40-45 USD.

3. Avoid brands that claim to represent Dr. Oz and other famous tv personalities. This is a clear fraud indicator.

Brands That I Trust:

1. Provence Lavender. (http://provence-lavender.com)

This is one of the oldest brands I known. They are famous for their high quality lavender oil. The only problem with them is that due to recently being featured on TV they are out of stock most of the time. Their official web-store is http://provence-lavender.com

Lavender oil is extracted from herbs – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12112282. It is among commonly used oils to treat different health complications. You will find lavender used in shampoos, soaps and lotions. This is due to the healing power it has.

Benefits of lavender tea

Helps in digestion

Some of the symptoms of indigestion include pain in the abdomen, vomiting and burnt feeling in the stomach. Lavender tea is very helpful in treating the symptoms of indigestion. It is also very beneficial against ulcers. You will just brew a cup of lavender tea and drink, it will for you great relief.

Relieving insomnia

Inability to sleep comfortably is referred to as insomnia. The condition can be caused by stress and other factors. People who drink lavender tea are able to get rid of the problem naturally. This is due to active ingredients available in lavender.

Treating migraine

If you are suffering from severe headache, the essential oils released from lavender can play a great role in helping you get rid of the problem. You will just inhale the essential oils and they will help in treating different types of migraines.

Beneficial against convulsions

If you suffer from shaking of the body due to muscle contraction and relaxation, you will get rid of the problem through drinking lavender tea. It helps in blocking passage of calcium into the nervous system. This in return helps in combating convulsions.

Helpful against dandruff

Lavender oil is very helpful in getting rid of dandruff. If you suffer from the skin condition, you can easily get rid of it through applying the oil on the affected hair or drink a cup of lavender on a daily basis till the problem is eradicated. Other benefits include calming the skin, wrinkle treatment, burns and scars remedy, sore feet and hands treatment.

Side effects of lavender tea

Some of the side effects of lavender include

Breast growth in males

This is side effect which has been noted in young boys who have been exposed to long term use

Allergic reactions

There are some people who suffer allergic reaction when in contact with the oil

Headache chills, vomiting and irritation in the skin can be experienced in some people.

Disclaimer: use at your own risk, none of the information provided was checked by the FDA or other medical authority.

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