ASMR (3Dio) Coconut Butter – Slow Movements + Bare Hands

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Lotion, oils and creams on bare hands are a great ASMR trigger for me 🙂 I also added a tiny bit of Inaudible whispers and Ear Massage. trigger Menu:
1:15 – My favorite kind of trigger (hands closing slowly with cream on each side)
2:04 All around the mic
4:55 “Flying fingers”
5:25 Inaudible whispers/sounds
5:40 Ear massage/Cupping
6:13 *Very* Slow Ear handling
9:05 Fingers deep in ears (fast to slow)


Angel Oracio says:

can you make a feet video, the same you do here but with your feet

Rachel “Rae” Rae says:

So very relaxing!

Tim says:

For the second 3dio video, I'm very pleased.
ear massages are my favorite asmr videos to watch, and Bella is on my top 5 lol

TenebrionDF says:

I've never seen an ASMR video with someone using their feet to rub a 3dio. Just putting that out there >.>

FRee Will says:

my dick down that Neck

Cowboy Pistoleiro says:

cadê os vídeos em português bella ???

tsoran sts says:

i get brain error not tingles, my brain cant deside what to do! fap or rellax!!! tried to do both, fell asleep whit the dick in hand!!!!

Luis Felipe says:

3Dio in Portuguese! PLEASE

Sherriff Brown says:

That first touch of the 3dio was intense! Shivered

Von Zipper says:

super sexy rhooooooooooooooooo

xDaniel12x says:

he y weare you video the doctor

Антон Городецкий says:

Please make the video: very close whispering and your close breathe ear to ear

xDaniel12x says:

ho me favorit doctor

Tted Jones says:

wow, this isnt the same when I see what you are actually touching. Kind of weird lol

Alen Mustlovski says:

Im trying to think of something smart and witty here but ive got nothing.

Arthur Mayels says:

Seu trabalho é maravilhoso, continue com ele, porque ele ajuda outras pessoas. Não ligue para os comentários ingratos, lembre-se sempre: onde sempre tem sucesso, sempre haverá inveja. bjs

Lucas Terasa says:

Suas mãos parecem ser muito macias, foi isso que me relaxou kkkk

ZovoPagan says:

sk sk sk for you bb

SuperGamer87 says:

Bella's one of the few newer gals who truly "get" it.

Some other newer faces lately just don't "get" it–they're just jumping on the trend, delivering poor ASMR videos.

But Bella's actually good at producing these relaxing sounds, knowing just what and how "ASMR" fans generally enjoy them.

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