20 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot, Stretch Marks (Baby #2)

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Hey! I am 20 weeks pregnant, HALF WAY DONE! See you all in my next video 🙂

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drea rose says:

How did you get pregnant if u never had a period ?

Kima Boma says:

After trying so many  stretch mark ointments and other products with no good results, I gave up and felt desperate .

The Leafs says:

Im a new subbie and i wanted to let you know that your belly looks amazing 

Angie Lov says:

I was on ur vid for 19 weeks with baby #1 and I heard u said something like never had Braxton hicks with… And then I realize it's ur baby #2 I was lost for a sec there! Congrats to u 😊✨

Iman Vaughn says:

girl your belly looks FINE, you did all that preparation about your belly like you was about to show us something horrible! lol I'm 18 weeks and HOPE that's all i get. you look fine ! 

Cassandra D. says:

I am 20 weeks right now and our due dates are a month apart! I am due February 27th. I think it's cute that we both have daughters and are now having our baby boy! Congrats mama!

mamacitaz Santoz y nini'z says:

Congratulations! On your pregnancy I'm new 2 your Chanel all the 20 weeks pregnancy vlogs r old so it's nice 2 have someone up 2 date I just turned 20 week's so exciting I'm due February 23rd 2015 this is baby number#2 for me 2 I'm having a little girl💓I'm so happy!!!!!=) kids r the BEST!!!!!!😂😂😂 looking forward 2 more of your vlogs thanks😄take care!

3xalady says:

Hi Erika, I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my 4th and I enjoy your informative and honest videos. Thanks for keeping it real. Btw, my coworker had a successful vbac. Will pray for yours to be successful also.

Minnie Williams says:

Just Subscribed, I am also 20 weeks with baby #2!  When is your due date?

tamzLife says:

Heyy…check out my stretch marks video! I shared my simple regime and the oil I used to keep my skin moisturised during my pregnancy and I actually didn't get any marks (btw I have many stretch marks in other places so I was really shocked I didnt get any!) http://youtu.be/Ogt8PAph7mk

JessicaAlizea says:

Oh Erika, I love you! You are Glowing and you are so Beautiful. As far as your belly -it's so cute your stretch marks aren't bad at all Girl they are just your Mama Stripes That you can be proud of 💕 I think as you get closer to Delivery your mind & body will tell you what the best decision is & you'll know what to do. 😍

LiiveTV says:

The belly is looking great and so are you. Ik it's a bit hard but our prayers will help you through. 

akosuaism says:

You should read the book "supernatural childbirth"…it will take away all your fears and give you so much faith. It helped me a lot with my pregnancy, labour and birth 

Mama of Two Boys says:

You look great! You're glowing! After having baby boy, I have stretch marks too. Let's be proud and Embrace our tiger stripes! Lol. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see your belly keep growing :)

alexandria evans says:

I love your videos and your belly is beautiful, more videos please :)

rose dickerson says:

are you nervous about handling a new born with a toddler?

rose dickerson says:

try cocoa butter with olive oil and shea butter after the pregnancy to help fade the discoloration of the stretch marks. Stretch marks are a mere reminder that women are strong and we with through hell to help populate the Earth. Tell your kids to be nice to you. lol

rose dickerson says:

Kim kardashian had plastic surgery. Please don't compare to a natural body to someone who bought theirs lmao.

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