Oil pulling: Beyond Belief Health Benefits

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Oil Pulling: Beyond Belief Health Benefits
Staying Well With Dr. Mary Jo


Sharon Gonzales says:

Thank you soooo very much for sharing you wisdom with all of us!!!

Sovereign Seeker says:

Holistic health care is nothing short of amazing! Holistic health is the key to longevity and vibrant health. Holistic practitioners

Nisha Uplenchwar says:

Hello Doctor,
the video was very informative. I had a query….can oil pulling be done when anyone has crowns or filling done? I have a bad toothache and I want to start this therapy without any delay. Please advise.

Rob McGhie says:

Do your research if you have doubts. sesame traditional oil Coconut oil now considered best cos has so many anti bacterial etc benefits whitens r teeth and reduces plaque abnd bad breath. Protects and improves health of gums.
Melts in mouth very quick just swish gently for up to ideal time 20 mins first thing
in morning. Do not spit down sink or toilet as it hardens the minute it gets cold again.
Brush teeth to clean off don't leave coating teeth. Not just brush but with salt and bicarb to clean mouth and rinse. It's detoxed whole bloodstream that's gone through mouth in 20 mins.
Tongue scraping is another fantastic yogic technique
It's amazing how much furring can be taken off tongue with a copper strip.
Look up neti pot for further easy cleansing technique to prevent nasal and sinus problems. Keep out of the pharmacy Look after yourself.

usa gal says:

Can oil pulling remove your crowns in your mouth?

Mort Gortman says:

Do your research people. This can be very harmful if not done correctly.

Rand Wulf says:

I prefer coconut oil. I can attest oil pulling improves oral health. My bleeding gums are gone, teeth are brighter, breath is fresher.

thejoviv gc says:

Or you could just use an essential oil based mouthwash such as Listerine. And if your mouth is clean (through good brushing, healthy salivary flow and regular dental visits) the rest of your body will obviously benefit. How can your lungs, gut and blood be clean if your mouth is full of bacteria?

Tarek Hammami says:

Are we supposed to leave a film of the oil behind or remove all trace? Aside from OP, is it ok to just put oil on your teeth and gums and leave it there?

Danielsan B says:

You're not a doctor.

Stavy Deves says:

oil is not liquid?

Angel Of Light (chilled15) says:

Thank you !

Amethyst says:

For the brushing teeth step, after swishing with oil and gargling with salt water, there is nothing on the tooth brush, correct? Brush with no toothpaste?

Jumrae Devine says:

Get sound

Lynn H. says:

Thank you for the wonderful video. I subscribed immediately.

Nikkie R says:

Sounds really great but how long should I do it for?

Deborah Nickerson says:

I have been absolutely amazed how much it has helped my sinuses and allergies. I used to sneeze constantly (and loudly, to the dismay of my family and co-workers 😉 — no more.

David Hubbard says:

very informative video Doctor thank you

Baba Ayub says:

is the oil pulling b alkergic bcz I feel after oil pulling my mouth swell

Sandy Louise Hickman-Holliday says:

I am going to do exactly as you said about the oil pulling. I have a whole myriad of illnesses diabetes II and just about most of the complications that come with them. I can only hope it helps with some of them.

Scrappi Z says:

Do NOT gargle oil. You greatly increase your risk of lipoid pneumonia.

shortdawg11 says:

which oil is the best oil to use? I've heard eucalyptus oil is

Elle Bauhaus says:

I do this with coconut oil, two times a day for however long I feel (usually between 2-15 minutes). I love the taste of the coconut oil. The first time I did it, my mouth felt amazing and clean and my teeth were whiter but the more I do this, the less I notice these effects. Any idea why?

brianmakesmusic says:

what about coconut oil?

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