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If you would like to grow your hair overnight you need to watch this video. I’ll show you how to do it with great results that you can have over and over again.

Grow your hair overnight!!
You will need:
3 eggs
1/4 cup or more of olive oil
melted coconut oil

Mix eggs and olive oil. *Apply to scalp and hair. *Put on a plastic cap. *Let sit for up to an hour.* Rinse egg mixture in cool water. *Shampoo and condition your hair. *Towel dry hair. *Apply coconut oil to scalp. *Massage scalp for 4 minutes. *Place plastic cap on hair. *Put a t-shirt or towel on to catch the drips. *Let sit overnight. *Shampoo and condition hair. *Style as usual. *Enjoy your longer hair!!

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Darem Abera says:

i was try before but its not grown

Nana Asmah says:

can i do it after i have just unbraid my relax hair instead of perming it

Mayara Mara says:

can you try against ,Oil First and other day use egg and after one hors wash the hair ? like more easy to do this way

Myrdjine JeanLouis says:

can we use other oil.

Angelica Gascon says:

absolutely love her curls!!

Doma Hurley says:

Does this method work in all hair types

Sugababe says:

Hey dear I will like to know if you wash the next morning the commit oil of or you life it in

Keyshia Stelly says:

can u do minds

Ali Amirault says:

Can you use it on your eyelashes to help them grow?

Yvonne Motloung says:

what will happen if I do it erry'day?

Crystal John says:

can u mix the eggs with coconut oil

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