ASMR Scalp, Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage | Shea Butter & Coconut Oil | No Talking

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Hey there tingle monster 🙂

0:14 hair brushing
3:08 scalp massage & scratch
5:48 hair oiling
8:45 back, shoulders & neck massage
10:04 Shea butter
14:34 ears massage
18:57 hair brushing & playing
20:50 Hair braiding
22:40 hair oiling
25:15 back, shoulders & neck massage

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This is an ASMR video – dedicated to A relaxing visuals and sounds.
If you don’t know what ASMR is, please Google it.

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Luis Avila says:

You have the gift of touch. Your hands are very relaxing.

Abbey Roberts says:

so lovely plz do mine lol

Rose Tylund1 says:

Best. Ever.

Betsy Ruiz says:

Starting at 17:09 theres alot of lighting also to much glare going on around that minute but despite of it, everything was so relaxing. I like the video.

Maya Narwal says:

I wish I had a friend that would massage me or just a friend in general would be nice too

Asli Gilanlioglu says:

Brilliant! first time I actually didn't get to see the end…slept like a baby ☺ cheers 👍

Renča Els 27 says:

Nejlepsi video na relax :)

Renča Els 27 says:

Nejlepsi video na relax :)

Elfea says:


TheReeShow says:

The breathing and swallowing sounds etc were actually surprisingly relaxing. Only critique is the slight white noise. There are lots of ways to counteract or edit out the white noise without having to change the sensitivity of the mics. :)

worzelg77 says:

Nice 🙂 will you be filming the follow up to the hair brushing video soon?

Cheyenne Castro says:

I absolutely loved this! Your massage techniques and hair play is exactly what I would want for myself, which I believe is why so many people have enjoyed this video of yours. Great job 🙂

‫سهير عزيز‬‎ says:


Nano Dayo says:

Wow, this amazing neck and shoulders massage…
Right, u know how to massage, this look so amazing!

amy coranez says:


Alex O says:

Make another video just like this.

Chelsea Vicari says:

Volunteering to be the subject of your next video (;

MassageMarketing Success says:

Terrific video!

Say says:

Her hair was crazy oily. Waaaay too much product

kirit08 says:

I love this video, it's so relaxing <3

Angel Face says:

best massage I've come across yet keep them coming ♡

Raven Potato (Random ShitPoster) says:

aggressively clicks mouse

TheHatfieldHouse says:

The lotion skin sounds were AMAZING.

Kerrianne Childers says:

All I want in life is to have someone play with my hair and massage my neck while I listen to Frank Oceans album "Blonde" 👌🏽

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