Natural Hair: Victim of Coconut Oil !! Beware!!

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i want to share how i fell victim to the effects of coconut oil! in certain situations, coconut is not always the best oil to use!


Myles Jeremiah says:

Essentially she put coconut oil in her hair freaked out when it harden in a colder climate but was fine in the end……just saved you 7 mins of nonsense…

LOVE says:

well if you think about the science behind it it makes sense coconut oil usually gets hard during cold temperatures and it melts when it gets hot so just use your brain and just think okay so coconut oil react to different temperatures now with my experience I can't use coconut oil because the chemicals doesn't work on my hair my hair becomes red flaky and very agitated when I use coconut oil and breaks my hair out very bad but in your case I think its doing a wonderful job it's just that it's cold where you at in your hair free stuff because coconut oil freezes up when it gets cold

Naomi Pacheco says:

girl ur hair stayed in place though …I use coconut oil for my daughters hair and mine I love it

Natural Mom says:

that stuff made my hair hard as a brillo lol

Pastor JT Thornton says:

OMG! Girl you can drag a story to no return… Speech 101 :o)

Muzic To My Ears says:

Omg thank you! I just made a video about this! I thought I was the only one that had a bad experience with coconut oil. I want to love coconut oil for hair but it's not for everyone. Protein sensitive hair can't handle coconut oil!

iyeshia fells says:

Omg all the extra chatter 😔

Elfen Nyu says:

Well this was a few years ago but you do know now that the coconut oil is a sealant when he went outside the coconut oil hardened like it does in the jar it's a coding to protect your hair from the cold weather. It's awful cool because it protects your hairstyle!

Jusalil Young says:

u should put it in a spray bottle and Mix it with Water


Lol interesting story

stillphil says:

Likely the fact that coconut oil becomes solid when the temp is below 76 degrees.
Don't refer to your hair as a brillo pad.

Benedicta Rotzoll says:


shannel monroe says:

Maybe its the oils that you mixed in with coconut oil, but I simply love coconut oil. I just absolutely adore the smell, its delicious. I cant really stress that it makes my hair soft cause my hair is already naturally soft. I can only put a little bit in my hair because my hair will have that wet greasy look. My best advice is to either use it as a hot oil and wash it out or put it in your hair at night without heating it and then rinse it out in the morning.

Aja Shepherd says:

So many people are being so cruel. Here in South Georgia it doesn't get cold at all. I thought the story was cute. Lighten up people. Not many people invite you to laugh with them

jadelizabethTX8 says:

Here's what I learned about coconut oil: depending on the weather it can be a help or a hindrance. If you have the type in a jar you may notice in the warmer months it melts and liquefies and during the cooler months it hardens and solidifies. Summer/Spring it melts and coats like butter but Winter/Fall coconut oil cools down and it solidifies. That is essentially what it happening on the hair and skin. I tried using coconut oil on my lips in the cooler month and boy was that a bad idea! My lips were so dry and chapped, same with my hair. I hope this helps! ☮♥☺

jesse jesse says:

Get to the point

Sade Smith says:

you use to much

nicola morris says:

I love your Fro.. It's beautiful..

YayaRena says:

This only proves that a misleading title will get you more views. All you had to say is Beware – Don't use Coconut oil in the winter (if you live in the Mid West or up North). Or better than that why not wash the oil out of your hair and save people the 7:15 mins. of blah, blah, blah

Irene Acheampong (Life Of Chatterbox) says:

I dont think youre supposed to use it in the winter

Sulayman Baio says:


Brittney B says:

Coconut oil does not seal in moisture, it just penetrates the hair shaft to give moisture. I used to use it daily but it started making my hair hard as well. Now i only use it to deep condition 

TBHRocking says:

Okay, I agree that her hair got stiff because the coconut oil hardened due to the temperature drop but some of these comments…smh. Not everyone can use natural remedies. I can't use pure Shea butter or coconut oil. The moment either of those come into contact with my hair, my hair becomes very dry, very bitter, very stiff, and it breaks off. My mom has had the same experience with Shea butter but her hair loves coconut oil (the same jar I tried to use to be exact). Some proteins just react to people's hair differently than it may react to yours.

Naturalmedeon!!! says:

Wow that's not good"!!!

Bonnie Conners says:

Coconut oil isn't for everyone . doesn't work for me it dries my hair really bad. But my body love's it I use it for my body/lip scrubs I moisture my body after a nice hot shower 😀

sherona chin says:

sorry coconut oil loves my hair and  i love it. guess its not for everyone

mary says:

k one, only use thin layers of coconut oil in hair, two use warm liquid coconut oil. you can leave it in for ever. i never wash mines out, i just condition my ends, but wash my scalp and reapply the oil.i wait 24 to 48 hours before heat styling. my hair is soft silky and stays straight without looking greasy

kemi7689 says:

Sorry but less than a minute into your videos I hearing what sounds like a product junkie here, with the oils, you wanna stick with one, you can't use, Shea Butter then Saffron oil then Coconut nut oil then expect miracle, you weighting your hair and clogging the follicles, also there's different levels of.. Eh? Need I go on… Those oils as useful and essential as they are I hear so many overuse stories of it on YouTube all day long. 

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