Cellulite on a Vegan Diet?? What you can do about it.

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susi q says:

Genetics also play a part in cellulite.

Miriam Adriana Garcia Alcocer says:

what exercise do you recommend for fatloss? walking on an empty stomach? weightlifting? thank you

Cess Kin says:

A short question: Is it best to do cardio on a empty stomach (in the morning) to burning fat?

Cess Kin says:

thank you so much for this Video, now I know what I did/ why I got cellulite..love from Germany 😊

Mirella Bellai says:

Great video………had the same cellulite issue, I really noticed it reducing only after 2-3 years of clean eating (HCLF)

8mellene8 says:

Hi! Thank you soo much for all your awesomness:)
But i hope you could help me whit a little problem.
Ive been vegan for 3 years, starch solutionn for 1 year, but recently i decided that i really crave more fruit and i would really enjoy raw till 4 style of eating! And its awesome, but…
I have been eating raw till 4 style aprox 1 1/2 weeks, but a couple days ago i start having these little ichy pimples on my arms, legs and back- like moskito bites, so i am wondering, could i have an alergy to bananas, as they are my stapel fruit or could it be the "detox" or maybe my body is not used to so much sugar?
I guess i could try cut out bananas and eat different fruit, but here in north it could not be an option as it only afordable fruit here, or mybe go back to starch solution?
I cant wait for your opinion on this topic, thankyou again:)

Burning Bananas says:

Hi Julie-
Had my blood work done and everything good except triglycerides…
They were a little high
Can you weigh in on possible causes and remedies

Traci H says:

Good video, thanks for the information!

Klaudia says:

Thank you very much for this useful advice!

that veganbabe says:

Awesome video! Thank you for all this useful information. :)

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