How to Naturally Get Rid of Yeast & Bad Bacteria

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If you are dealing with skin problems like acne, digestive problems, or even low energy and fatigue, chances are you have an overgrowth of yeast. Dr. Axe shows you how to get rid of yeast and candida fast and boost your entire immune system in the process.

Side Effects of Candida and Yeast
-Skin Issues: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis
-Low Energy
-Digestive Issues
-Frequent Illness, Weakened Immunity

1. Eliminate sugar and grains from your diet
-Candida and yeast feed off of sugar
-White bread, white pasta, white rice, and oatmeal also convert to sugar and may feed candida and yeast.

2. Follow the Healing Foods Diet:
nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables
-Healthy Fats
nuts, avocado, coconut
-Alkalizing Foods
green leafy vegetables

1. Oil of Oregano
-Oregano is a potent, natural antibacterial.
-Supplement with 50-100 mg (2-4 drops). 3-4 times per day if you are sick or trying to kill off candida fast.
-Do not use oil of oregano longer than a one month period at a time, in order to maintain bacterial balance in the body.
-To learn more about oil of oregano, visit: and

2. Colloidal Silver
-Silver has many antibacterial properties and supports immunity.
-Supplement with 50 mcg (1 tsp), 3-4 times per day to kill off yeast and bad bacteria.
-To learn more about colloidal silver, check out:

3. Probiotics
-Probiotics are “good bacteria” that promote immune and digestive health.
-To maintain a healthy internal bacterial balance, it is best to have 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria in the body.
-Supplement with 50 billion microorganisms (2 caps), twice per day.
-Axe Naturals LIVE Probiotics:
-To learn more about probiotics, check out:

4. Vitamin D3
-Health benefits of sunshine:
-Foods high in Vitamin
-Vitamin D produces over 200 antimicrobials to kill off bad bacteria and yeast.
-Test Vitamin D levels and be sure to keep your Vitamin D at healthy levels
-Axe Naturals Omega D3 with Astaxanthin:
-To learn more about Vitamin D3, check out:

5. Yeast Freeze
-Digestive Fiber
-Grapefruit Seed Extract: natural antibacterial that helps kills yeast
-Garden of Life Yeast Freeze:

-Drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water contributes to an unhealthy bacterial balance.
-The #1 reason we have such a problem with yeast and bad bacteria in America today is the overuse of antibiotics medications. Antibiotic medications kill off both good and bad bacteria.

To learn more about how to naturally get rid of yeast and bad bacteria, check out:

For more health, nutrition, and fitness tips, visit:


Ruma Hussein says:

Can you make a video on how to prepare chicken broth. I am really interesting in knowing which vegetable would you use and why.

Ruma Hussein says:

Following your tips. May God bless you. :)

Ruma Hussein says:

Thanks a lot. :)

Blessed Bayers says:

Garden of life is amazing! I met the owners at a homeschool conference. amazing people and I love their products!

Blessed Bayers says:

What supplements can someone take when preg to fight yeast?

Mary Nordseth says:

Dr. Ash, is 'yeast' similar to the product 'nutritional' yeast? I used it for years go build up my health. I stopped it when I realized that it may contribute to overweight.

atearinXx myeyex says:

ANy tips on OCD? My OCD has been HORRIBLE! THanks"

Edna Brownlee says:

so what do you think about if I put some baking soda and apple cider in with that molasses and some green tea

Mason Dyer says:

Do you recommend that you take all the product mentioned in the same day, if so in what order?

Brian Genter says:

I have bad acne and all the other symptoms you mentioned. I'm going to try all this. Thanks man!

TheWarIsWithin says:

smh probiotics is the weakest of those products, if anything folks should consume more prebiotics.

Bella Rose says:

can these be taken at any age?

lori phillips says:

I need some help and guidance, I'm so tired and feel like I have no hope of ever feeling like me again. I can't go through this alone anymore. I'm so tired. I need help

lori phillips says:

To be honest they didn't treat me getting paid I told them I had a fungal infection. We are losing everything we worked for and the food we do have is not the kind I need to be eating and we don't have the money for healthy food or summements anymore. I do not know where else this is in my body now because they did not listen for so long but I have never felt so bad in my life. I'm depressed, and ashamed, I think this was a nosocomial infection from the hospital. I don't know what to do anymore I'm so hopeless all I do is cry every single day. I have no faith in western medicine anymore and am terrified of what I've read they use to treat this because typical Azoles are ineffective. I'm only 47 and this has went on long enough. I have so many symptoms and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I have no one to help us financially and I am alone everyday for the last two years rarely have human conversation, or interaction outside my house because I am so weak to get out. I have prayed on this

lori phillips says:

I have finally have appointment with an infectious disease Specailist tomorrow but I do not feel that any of the 50 doctors I've seen listened to me at all, I'm scared because I feel like I'm dying I've lost 40lbs which in one way is good because the weight gain had been caused by edema in my body from the hospitalization in August but bad in that I disgusted by food my tongue and throat produce thick gross stuff and I have to appetite at all. I feel so horrible. I was the primary financial support and because of all of this have been out of work for 2 years. No money bankrupt from medical bills, can't afford these ridiculous copay and deductibles and now they are sending me to see someone which is a four hour round trip drive for me. My insurance changes at the end of this month to one that is even worse, and I won't be able to see a Kaiser dr. I have tried many if not all the things listed on your site with no results, I'm scared , depressed, broke and doctors don't treat for free to

lori phillips says:

I have been sick with candida glabrata in my mouth untreated for 10 months since I was hospitalized in August they said I had pneumonia, sepsis, enlarged heart and possible CHF. The flooded me with steroids, antibiotics and inhalers. I was literally within weeks that I have symptoms my tongue had a thick coating, I was weak, my hair was falling out. I asked mydoctor every single month I saw him something is very wrong he would not often even look at my tongue or symptoms. I was a high functioning nurse and now I barely function. I'm so weak I can barely get around the house. I just got the diagnosis of candida glabrata from an ENT who was a friend of mine and knew how vibrant and energetic I had been before. She took some scrapings from my tongue which is disgusting and at first I was told everything was negative. So I had endoscopy had 20 biopsy in my stomach and colonoscopy 2 polyps removed. Suddenly six weeks later the ENT notify me that I have many candida glabrata I have IDS app

Leroy Peters says:

Doctor Axe what can I do to help with bad breath. I practice good oral hygiene, yet I still suffer from bad breath. what do u recommend?

Nikki Avery says:

I have phlegm that sits in the back of my throat constantly. I use the Netty pot every day but the phlegm just sits in the back my throat behind my sinus . I need help please .

NK 1 says:

the beard made u more attractive keep it ..

Helena Guttler says:

Dr.Josh Axe, you are amazing! Your messages are clear, relevant and informative. Thank you for helping others!

Ninfa V. says:

Thank u!

Dee Size says:

Probiotics Rule !!! Shine on ….Gluten free is a Plus and Stay away from Those Potatoes!!

freevideos051 says:

Thanks for info

Edward gbone says:

can I use weed oil instead of oregano?

Edward gbone says:

Gargle with apple cider vinegar,,and look at yur tongue after…


Thank You for this!

Racquel Gentles says:

hey. love the videos. what is your suggestions for fibroids?

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