SLEEP SPA ASMR ~ whispers, matches, tapping, face mask ~

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Welcome to my first ASMR video 🙂 come into the sleep spa where we will light some soothing incense, cleanse your skin and I will give you a quick coconut oil massage before I apply a face mask to send you into a deep sleep… 💕

I’d love to hear what you think : also feel free to leave me requests for future videos in the comments.



Wow Wow 😀 Thank You so much girl 😀 Thank You 😀 This is the best match lighting video 😀 Wow 😀 So many tingles 😀 Loved your super striking of matches so much 😀 Wow 😀 Those sounds were amazing tingly 😀 Wow 😀 Thank You 😀 And the matches sounds 😀 Wow 😀 Super relaxing 😀 Thank You girl 😀 Thank You so much 😀 Perfect match lighting video 😀 You are amazing 😀 Super tingly and relaxing 😀 Thank You so much 😀 Thank You :D

John White says:

super lighting matches video super relaxing and tingly now this is striking of matches loved every single match that you striked super tingly sounds super relaxing thank you a lot please please do more lighting matches videos please we want more loved your video so much tingly and relaxing please try to do another lighting matches video please thank you a lot

Sprinkles ¡¿ says:

Hello! I love this it's so niceeeeee but I do have a request 😁 maybe a close up whispers? I feel that would be great!

Cytonic _ says:

This video made me very relaxed keep it up

Cytonic _ says:

Hi I like chickens in sweaters

Rapunzel ASMR says:

I loved it 😀 ! subscribed I love the face mask visuals. Maybe you can also do kind of stroking sounds in the background when you for example wipe over the face. I often do that. Kind of layer sounds

Blackbart Badass says:

Hi I really enjoyed this the sounds of matches being struck off the box is my favorite trigger can you please do a long video of you lighting lots of wooden matches the sound they make struck off the box and lighting up and putting them out in water right away is very relaxing and the visual aspect of seeing you striking them would also be very nice thank you and God bless and I also subscribed to you take care

ASMR Freckled Cracker says:

I really like the tapping and scratching that always gets me :)

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