How to blast FAT & “cellulite” from your legs! The contact and burst method!

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The FasciaBlaster™ is the only device on the market proving to break through fascia (the connective tissue that can cause unsightly cellulite & restrict blood flow & nerve supply). Tight fascia can also restrict joints such as your knees, hips and spine, causing a host of orthopedic problems. * Buy it now for only $89.99 *
We believe the FasciaBlaster™ is a simple, affordable, one-step solution for all of these Hybrid Health issues! Professional athletes and celebrities trust Ashley Black – a guru in hybrid health, reducing pain and improving sports performance and attractiveness.

√ Get Rid of Dimples & the Appearance of “Cellulite”:
Lumps and bumps caught in fascia APPEAR to be cellulite. Cellulite does not exist! When fascia becomes tight, it pulls down and inward causing the connective tissue to be form a grid or web-like pattern. Any fat that we have will push through that grid like a marshmallow pushing through a chain-link fence. We call this cellulite but it is really FASCIA problems trapping the fat. The FasciaBlaster™ will scrub through the surface fascia allowing fat to redistribute and lay nicely on the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. You can see an immediate result in just one use and can have an entirely new body in 30 to 60 days!
√ Better Nerves & Muscles:
Nerves flow through the fascia, and tight fascia can cause pinched nerves, tingling sensations and numbness. In addition, the nerve is what fires the muscle, so if the nerve supply is limited, muscle output is lessened. The FasciaBlaster™ can open nerve activity, allowing the body to function properly. It’s amazing for athlete’s pre and post workout performance and recovery! It also allows the fascia to lie down in the nooks and crannies, showing more muscle definition instantly!
√ Improve Health & Wellness:
Tendonitis, arthritis and a whole host of other joint problems including spinal compression can often be caused by tight fascia. Muscles typically go from one joint to the next and stop. Fascia runs in long strips through the joint and onto the next, penetrating through the muscles. When fascia becomes tight, it can pull the bones closer and closer together causing pain. Loosening the joint is as simple as scrubbing your way to loose and healthy joints with the FasciaBlaster™!
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Kristi Brent says:

Can you lead me to the link for first time blasters to make sure i don't bruise too much? Thanks

Glynda Patterson says:

I got mine on Saturday and have used it 2 times. I am bruised but not terribly. Can't wait to be able to wear shorts again. How do I message you directly for advice

Darlene Sanchez says:

What happens when you burst all that fascia and you bruise like big time? Do you wait for awhile or go over it? What

TMHHAM Hamilton says:

I follow your Facebook page and I see the lower bodies but those pictures don't look like the same person I want to be sure before I spend my money

TMHHAM Hamilton says:

I want to see someone with actual cellulite I see pictures of people that their bodies don't like the same person and the people in these videos have perfect bodies already

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