Relaxing ASMR Shampoo Hair Wash & Scalp Massage with Coconut Oil Role Play

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Hope you enjoy this relaxing shampoo and scalp treatment. I’m so sorry about Roy the rooster in the background, he was more annoying today but and the other days was the dogs u-u I have bad luck when recording, with all the neighborhood pets!

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Whisper Latina brings you ASMR Content to help you relax and fall asleep with different kind of triggers for you to enjoy. I upload 3 times per week: Mon, Wed and Fri around 2-3 PM PDT

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Relaxing ASMR Shampoo Hair Wash & Scalp Massage with Coconut Oil | Soft Talk


choclate lover says:

I love your hair, I also got a haircut just like yours(shoulder length ). And, love ur videos like always!!! tingly and perfect:-) :-)

A Restful Spot ASMR says:

Is that a dog's tags I hear in the beginning of the video, hehe? Great water and massage sounds! I was completely relaxed from this one.

David Hendrix says:

Yet another beautiful example of ASMR. This artist just keeps them coming!! Excellent work!! :)

lola bocci says:

By the way….your hair looks fabulous in this video…

Natalia Dias says:

Your hair looks beautiful!!! I love the haircut too

Tatiana Moraga Peña says:

hermoso video ♡

josh says:

the true "first" is the first to like a video

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