Homemade Oil for Faster Hair Growth and to Stop Premature Greying and Dandruff Treatment

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How to make your hair grow faster ? Our hair grows about half an inch every month on an average. Many people wish for a long hair and strong hair but for that you need to keep your scalp healthy and eat a balanced diet along with this oil treatment provided in this video. using Curry leaves hair oil to hair treatment twice in a week can provide a very great results. It will make your hair grow faster and cure dandruff and stop premature greying of hair. curry leaves hair oil has got many great benefits along with growing your hair faster. This will reduce your hair fall and stop hair whitening.

Use this oil two times a week to control hair fall, control dandruff, and stop white hair and grey hair.



Michael Crudup says:

…When I' am wash my hair I lose a ton of hair at once, I have also noticed a thinning to the front of my scalp area where the continual loss of hair is visible.But when i used Maxelder hair loss shampoo & argan oil it actually helps to stop hair loss and regrow hair. It also works on split end and dandruff problem I would definitely recommend this oil . w—nyarganoil—c..

Deepthi Roy says:

K thanks

Deepthi Roy says:

but I didn't get my answer we should leave it or had a bath

Amy Swensen says:

My hair was starting to thin at the top and my receding hairline was really starting to show. I have been using *Argan rain products* for 3 weeks and I am starting to see regrowth of my hair.

Deepthi Roy says:

After applying this oil we should leave it or have head bath and one thing u didn't show the results after using this from ur side

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