Try not to cry (80%will) READ DESCRIPTON! !

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Hey guys thanks for clicking this video.
I’d like to clear a few things up. No I did not make this video, nor do ik who did. I’ve seen other people upload the video and nobody knows he exactly made it. The background/comics are made by GearBoy so my credit goes to him since idk who exactly made the video. If you would like his website is so check him out. He’s great at what he does.


Mark Selby says:

I cryed 😭.

mlg m8 says:

almost sad things don't make me cry

mlg m8 says:

didn't make me cry

Beata Kedzior says:

that dog part was sad
now i will think obout my dog a lot

Fire and Rain says:

1 like= respect to my mom who passed away last weak

Olivia Does Youtube says:

I feel bad because the only part I cried at was the dog

Md Weems says:

I did it ; (,….

mike macfeat says:

i will never cry

Rebecca Leon says:

I almost cried

Marianne Steichen says:

I did not cry I promise but I want to

Peyton Carter says:

So easy not to cry 80% more like 0%

Hailey LOL says:

I love animals and so the dlg part was the one that made me cry a little but hopefully this wasn't a real story

MarioCraft :D says:

im not gonna lie guys. i cried when the dog licked the kid's tear. its just so sad 😢😢😢 i always cry when an animal dies. i i i just… love animals. the feelings betwen an animal and a kid is so 😍

Charley magowan says:

OMG this is soooooo sad ;(  im in tears

atacker 752 says:

😁 so sad

Andrius Mozūras says:

its so sad you made me cry 100% :—(

Anti Septiceye (Sam) says:

I gusse I have no heart us i did not cry what's so ever 😶😶😶

Kiera Augillera says:

So sad and so sorry 

James Stroud says:

Don't worry, the Dad will respawn in the next round

Marco Ettinger says:

I cried 3:15

Datbeast145 says:

As soon is i saw the dog and the car I cried I know what that feels like coz my cat died a week a go

Rainah Quachegan says:

I did NOT cry


Sad bit I never cried BTW I'm only 10

David Santos says:

i only cried for the third time

Jessica Bastanzi says:

did not cry not lying

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