Hairlicious Inc: My Hair Care Journey

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My Hair Care Journey to Healthier Hair.

Some of the products I use include:

Elasta Qp DPR-11 Deep Penetrating Remoisturizer
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion
Elasta QP H-Two Leave- In
Safflower Oil

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Stephanie Pruitt says:

Extra virgin coconut oil is a miracle worker with growing hair. I took the gel pills for the whole summer and was amazed at how fast my hair grew back. I recommend it as well.

hairspeaks says:

@ladyen7 or they start looking at you like who is she and i hope she dont think she the sh…. i have to tell them that for most my life i was the bald chick. then they be like oh wow cause i pull out pics. b4 and after! i just be trying to help and some get offened.

KodakBarbie07 says:

Hey Sunshyne! You should do a new video of your progress today!! 🙂

Sn0opie says:

how do you called that bun you have at 2:56 ..? i like that and how do you do that? .. thnx x

Sn0opie says:

soo you did 1 year .. to reach what we seen on 2:30 ?

Ladyen7 says:

I've been a Hairlista member since 3.9.09 and you should see how far I've came. just watch my youtube videos :-)….. Thanks a lot Sunshyne 🙂

Ladyen7 says:

Everytime I try telling other black females about how to grow their hair they respond with "oh girl, thats too much work" and I'd reply "and that's y you'll alway b considered bald head"

xxWorthyOfLovexx says:

what is bun

MakeupOnABudget says:

Great growth! I'm trying to get to bsl length. Right now I'm at collar bone length and arm pit is my next goal. I have a few hair update vids if you want to check them out. Take care!

tairakali says:

the products that u use can u use them on natural hair

Hairlicious Inc. says:

No, I get my relaxers done professionally.

Hairlicious Inc. says:

No braids, weaves etc. I bun often. Sometimes I wear my hair down.

Hairlicious Inc. says:

I lightly trim my hair every relaxer.

Hairlicious Inc. says:

Nope, not one.

Clover .A says:

hey girl, great progress. I have a quick question you said you buned 99% so i am guessing you never used other protective styles like braiding and weaves.

Lele W. says:

so do you trim your hair every relaxer?
or every month?

Josephine Watson says:

Well ok then. You are just like the rest of us. I thought your hair grew long and thick naturally but you did put a lot of effort and work into it. Wow thanks lol

NothinbutTreble1220 says:

Girl, its been almost a year for me and I feel like my progress is extremely slow… I get discouraged a lot thinking like maybe this is the best my hair can do… After watching this I feel like I can keep going though… Thanks

liketohavefun2007 says:

did you try hair vitamins by hairfinity or exotic allure. i heard those products work. but more people use exotic allure. i may have spell wrong but you will find but.

daisyplayer says:

much respect. i too am starting my hair hair care regimen, conditioner, hair masks, trims and all. i hope my journey turns out as well as yours.

CherryAdeee says:

Castor oil girl Sunshyne uses it too and henna treatments i use that

tasteunique says:

Nice hair I have started growing my hair. but it's not as thick as your.. I will not give up thanks. any other tips you can offer?

HotLadyRed says:

2 be truthful..I use 2 work in a hairshop when I was 16..has long as you take cae of your hair it will grow.Like get someone 2 message your scape. like play in your hair with thei fingers..keep oil or mix greases anykind u like..and whenever u feel your hair needs water just wash it sometimes let your hair get really wet s your pores can open. let the soap sit& leave in condition is great..use as much as you like it will not harm the hair.and look into some dark-n-lovely shampoo.2 open the pores

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