Stretch Marks What You Need to Know Bodybuilding Tip @hodgetwins

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sergio m v says:

As specialist, I do think Femalix Secrets is great way to completely erase your stretch mark naturally. Why not give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

Squidward says:

I only get stretch marks on my chest

Diana Donnelly says:

Are you looking for best way to remove stretch marks? Do you want it to be cost effective, but above all else you want it to work? Well after reading this site you will have all the your answers….

Aaron Stein says:

Stretch Marks, use lotions, or after ya get them, lasers

soulstar005 says:

brothers lol tooo funny

Cris Cringle says:

My foreskin has stretch marks. All kinds of skin gainssssss

giveagoodsong says:

im gonna be one big stretch mark after im done lifting

u can call me redskin

Mordithar says:

Zinc deficiency will make one prone to stretch marks. 

GRANDINEsic says:

I agree with you +Vivian21    ! It did wonders to my skin
especially in my thigh area. Until now, it
continues smoothing & tightening my skin on
my butt, hips, thighs & my legs w/ each week.
Such a miracle

Jose Luis Meza Torres says:

I love my stetch mark on my chest, I call them battle scars. Now I dont want any stretch msrks on my ass or legs fuck that shit.

Jesus metal follower says:

These guys are honestly hilarious 

George Bogdan says:

I actually asked on of those old school 45yrs+ "meat heads" at my gym when I started , about stretch marks , and he told me:
Listen kid if you are worried about stretch marks and want to make them disappear, than STOP LIFTING cuz this shit ain t for you.  True story !

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